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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Place to Bury Strangers

Billing themselves as "the loudest band in New York," A Place To Bury Strangers don't disappoint. While certainly not as loud as early 80s SWANS (who reportedly played loud enough to induce vomiting amongst audience members on more than 1 occasion), I am certainly glad I brought my earplugs when I saw them live last fall. It was an awesome show and they certainly don't disappoint live. It's a little hazy due to a fog machine and too much cheap beer, but I'm pretty sure that at some point in the middle of one of their songs their guitar player created some kind of infinite feedback loop, threw his guitar down on the ground, dragged it around to make more noise, all while getting a second guitar out to continue playing more "melodic" bits. Clap your hands if you believe in a wall of noise.

Released in October 2009, their 2nd album (their first album being borderline unlistenable), "Exploding Head" is a masterpiece of noise and shoegaze mashed together. It's a welcome sight to see a guitar player who actually knows how to use lots of effects pedals and not look like a total douche rocket*. This is as it should be, since lead singer and guitarist Oliver Ackerman makes custom pedals in the comfort of his trendy NY loft.

Apparently they've gotten a little positive NME press across the pond after touring with MGMT and opening for NIN**, but are still largely unheard of outside of their native NY. Which is a damn shame, because they're pretty fucking amazing.

Here's the first single off their 2nd album "In Your Heart"

Just in case that didn't satiate your fever for more feedback, here's the second single "Keep Slipping Away"

*I'm looking at you Tom Morello. You know you're a piece of shit. Every time you play it sounds like you're twiddling knobs on a new pedal that you just bought and are trying to figure out how to use. Fuck you Tom Morello, burn in hell!

**Speaking of douche rockets, fuck you too Trent Reznor. You're a fucking washed up hack. Not only have your last 3 or 4 (or however many shit sandwiches he's released since "Downward Spiral") albums been bland and uninspired, but you snubbed Pigface you asslicking cunt. There isn't a deep enough layer of hell for you to occupy.


kennedy said...

Your taste in music is only equaled by your ability to mock idiots. Keep posting awesome shit!

jcroxford said...

You're musical reviews and taste are spot on for me. thanks for introducing me to another great band!

Dethtron said...

Glad you guys are liking the music finds. I listen to all kinds of different shit, so if anybody out there isn't hearing anything they like, let me know...I'll find something for you.

DFM said...

not nearly enough "party all the time".

Rick james and eddie murphy = Win.

Dethtron said...

If you're into rick james, cameo, old prince or whatever, check out chromeo-