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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have you Snowmobiled Someone Today?

As I've noticed this popping up on other sites lately, I'm going to coin a term for my favorite activity. Henceforth the art of inserting colored text into copy/pasted versions of other people's work with the intent of mocking them will be referred to as "snowmobiling*." You heard it hear first, don't you ever fucking forget it.***

*Not to be confused with any other form of snowmobiling that may involve either a snowmobile or having your way with your partner doggy-style and grabbing their arms out from under them**.
**When performing this manoeuvre, I would highly advise being cognizant of where you are in relation to walls or any other barriers. That is a story I will not freely tell.
***I am only kind of implying that I have been robbed of this idea. It's not quite as obvious as the time Tiger Army ripped off my band, but I'm suspicious. That is a story that I will glady tell you.****

****Did you notice that there is more footnoted content than post content?


Kirby said...


Post here for ** to be explained. If we have to drag it out, we have to drag it out.

The CPT said...

I now have the name for my new uber mech IG list.

The 'snowmobile'. It powers through armies and reeks of gasoline.

kennedy said...

Dethtron, I love footnoted footnotes, brings to mind Douglas Adams.

Hoagy said...

I second the ** :)

Dethtron said...

pictures or it didn't happen...

DFM said...

All your ** story must belong to us.

Messanger of Death said...

Wanna beat that in the ** story someones head got to say hello to the wall.

And footnotes are like the most awesome thing in the world of interwebz writing. You get to make people scroll down and then forget where they were up to.