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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mission, again....

I'm beginning to think that I may need to write some kind of a brand/vision statement about this blog and pin it up top.

Here's a comment that came in from anonymous today in the leafblower post:

I'm just wondering what would happen if some of the fawning sycophants on BoLS got a link to this blog. I think their heads would asplode at the sheer amount of negative BoLS mojo. The sheer amount of stupid emanating from that blog can be felt within a six-mile radius and that post is at the center of it.

I'll try and make my rebuttal on the short side. This shouldn't detract from anything that I'm trying to do here, but will hopefully add some context. How about we bullet this shit...

  • This blog isn't solely focused on ripping on BoLS. I try and spread my love around the community (and globe) as much as I can. BoLS is a large site, however, and has put out some incredibad articles (as well as a host of really good ones) recently. I have mentioned some of the good as well as some of the bad. For the record, I have much less respect for a few forums out there than I do for BoLS or anyone with the balls to publish something on their own site.
  • More likely than not, someone from the BoLS staff has already read something I've said here. There are several hits from Texas according to clustr maps after all. I sincerely doubt they care what I have to say. If they bother reading they will likely either see this blog for the intended humor or be above taking petty insults from a random stranger to heart.
  • This blog isn't about hate. I don't actually hate anyone that I can think of at the moment. Don't confuse my (extremely) acerbic wit for malice. Believe it or not, this is more about venting and catching the humor beneath things that are bad or that I disagree with. It would be ludicrous of me to develop a hatred for people that I have never met based on ideas that they are expressing on the Internet. If you actually read what I'm posting you'll also find that I make fun of myself just about as much as I throw insults at anybody else. Anybody who sees personal attacks in what I do is honestly taking me more seriously than I do.
  • The purpose of this entire project is to give me and anybody else who wants to come along for the ride to have a place where we can vent about shit that we disagree with without the fear of ANY censorship*. I tend to not be very good at censoring myself and try to stay away from posting on forums and blogs that I don't moderate. My comments, awesome as they are, wouldn't likely go over well on somebody else's site. I also like posting music reviews.


*I can't guarantee that it'll never happen, but it's going to take a fuck of a lot of trying to get me to delete something**. Bad grammar or stupidity offends me a lot more than insults do.

**This is not a challenge to see who can be the first person censored on here either, you berks.


The_King_Elessar said...

Fucking cuntfucker! Dickfucking cuntshitter! Shitfucking cuntbastarddick!
And your *insert female relative*


Mobious said...

Fuck the faggots! This is the place to be for the few that understand 40k, and need to vent after years of hearing stupidity. Oh and the hilarity is top notch.

Keep them coming.

Herald of Nurgle said...

My mind! It does asplode!