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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Inernet Fight, Round 8 Results Show

Well congratulations to Mkerr for winning this week's fight, with 45% ot the 74 total votes (I got more voters than TKE's record breaking post from last week :p).  ...or well, maybe contratulations are due to whomever it was from the BoLS camp that organized the flash mob that stormed the polls here.  If nothing else, I've gotta admire the dedication behind organizing an effort like that to campaign on a blog that doesn't matter. 


Marcius Polo said...

We totally need to get every single BoLSer onto a single topic to see what would happen. :)

Farmpunk said...

I really thought Mkerr had so little burn or win to to his comment. His whole defense was based on "I'm just another toadie for BigRed, he's the mastermind"

where'd all the votes come from?

Dethtron said...

well, Farmpunk, they must have just wanted it more :)

mkerr said...

I wouldn't consider 14 more votes than last time a "flash mob" or a campaign, but I'm not an expert on either.

I bet the new votes had more to do with new ore people discovering the blog than the actual quotes. I guess we'll see where it goes next week.

Dick Move been a bit of a YTTH secret -- I expect people to start off voting according to their "politics" and eventually vote their opinions.

Dethtron said...

@Mkerr- no, 14 more votes isn't that big of a deal, but basically what happened was I was experiencing lower than usual voter turnout and then bushido said something about 'mkerr has this one in the bag and pandas are the best' and then I got like 20 new votes for you in a couple of hours (which basically doubled the votes in at that time). so, based on the evidence I have, I'll make up whatever story I can about flashmobs if it sells subscriptions. wait, what?

...and for the record, I think I voted for Bushido last week, because swearing is awesome! or maybe just for being concise and swearing. I don't exactly remember. though in reality I would probably side more on the Stelek side of things or perhaps on the side of 'Who gives a shit' in the continued epeen waggery

The_King_Elessar said...

As a matter of fact, I changed my vote to Stelek after the gold rush to bum(p) Mkerr, in the interests of balance.

Sadly, I didn't have the inclination to email all my friends, and stir them into voting similarly.

I have better things to do...

Chumbalaya said...

Sure is butthurt in here :P

I'm obviously the winner.

Kirby said...

i voted for myself! Brother Loring and I are going to have a tea party now.

Anonymous said...

Only if there are pastries if it is breakfast tea or scones in the afternoon. I'm high maintenance!

I've only just read the last few comments on last weeks FNF. Does it really mean that much to win? Come on, after their pathetic comments, this just tops it off!

I'm still with wall-o-text FTL!