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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dick Move Goes All Literary

Well I am absolutely wiped out from being conscripted into cooking a 6 course Thai meal for a bunch of Dr. Girlfriend's friends last night. On the plus side, I learned how to make several very authentic curry pastes from scratch in one day, so go me! Today will be no less busy. Band practice is just around the corner and then Hoagy, Evan, DFM, Joe numero dos, and I will be rocking some 40k in me olde basement. Gonna try out my nids list some more (since I retired my Leafblower:) list ). I'll try and put up some pics if I remember to take any. So if you like dark pictures that usually have a shot of somebody's crotch in them, you're in for a real treat my friend.

So no real substance to give you today (wait have I ever given you anything of real substance?). If you like books, though, you should go check these literary dick moves out. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. I particularly liked Nabakov slamming Hemmingway. PS, fuck Hemmingway.


Chumbalaya said...


kennedy said...

I swear to god, dude, we have to be clones. I read this same damn thing the other day... I got the link off Reason, who clued you in as to the awesome author/author hatefest?

Kirby said...

What Thai can you cook!? I can cook Green curry (go me) and curry puffs (pain in the ass but often the curry is just as good alone).

I'd like to learn Pad Thai (nooodles!) and an oyster beef whose name I cannot remember.

Hoagy said...

Mushroom Biriyani all the way. Usually all the way to the bathroom the next day, with lav paper thats been kept in the fridge. who gives a toss? it tastes frappin' great!