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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dum Dum Girls

Just got a new CD in the mail today from the LA based, Dum Dum Girls. For those not in the know that's an Iggy pop reference. Great song writing from this all female four piece that is a throwback to 60s girl groups with a slight nod to early punk rock (IE the real punk rock, none of that NoFX, Blink 182, Greenday, anti-flag, etc bullshit). It actually reminds me a little bit of Canadian cuddle punkers, Cub*, but with musical talent. The songs are all short, as in the 11 song album clocks in at right under 30 minutes, and incredibly catchy. My only complaint is that the album is deliberately recorded poorly. I'm all for not using studio cheats and auto tuners, but I don't get the whole "lo-fi" scene**. Speaking of Iggy Pop, if I want to listen to a great record that sounds like complete and utter shit, I'll throw on the Stooges' "Raw Power" (Bowie dropped the ball producing that one- for better or worse), so stop trying to recreate that experience. That album was a happy accident, and any attempt to relive that recording comes off as contrived. The surprising thing about it all is that the Dum Dum Girls producer, Richard Gottehrer, has done so much better working with the likes of Blondie, the Go-Gos, Voivod, and the latest Raveonettes album. All I'm saying is that it's a shame to bury good songwriting under poor recording and mixing, especially if it's on purpose.

Anyway their first full length, after a string of vinyl only releases over the last few years, is entitled "I Will Be" and is available on Sub Pop records. I honestly am very impressed by the album and can't wait to hear more (hopefully with better production).

Here's the only video clip from their album "I Will be." It's called "Jail La La" and it will knock your socks off and make you wanna dance around like a goof.

Here is another song from the same album that I like a lot as well. This isn't an official video, but watching spliced together clips of really old anti-drug propaganda is a fair sight better than staring at the album cover for two minutes. So get ready to take a trip from squaresville; here's "Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout."

*In case you thought that song was originally by TMBG, you were wrong :p
** I do actually kind of like the Mummies, though. They could more or less pull off the whole lo-fi thing.

1 comment:

Anthony Yeates said...

That is mighty catchy, might have to pick up their CD, thanks for pointing them out Dethron.