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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Mathlete

While I was surfing around Librarium online this morning, I stumbled ~watch your step across one of the most pointless bits of Warhammer math ever to grace the Internet. Curly24242 decided to give us all a helping hand by calculating the points cost to Pounds Sterling cost ratio of some of the models he arbitrarily claims are representative of the larger body of 40k play.
 I'm not sure who exactly this is supposed to help out or what exactly it is supposed to accomplish- if your primary concern is how monetarily efficient a unit is, you are probably in the wrong hobby my friend. If you didn't know that playing IG was expensive, you need to seriously work on your fiscal abilities. Perhaps you should be spending your hard earned money on some Suze Ormann books instead of toy soldiers.

Pointlessness aside, I do have to respect anyone with enough free time and the will to practice his division for the sake of nothing. I like to picture Curly hunched over his PC inputting data for his cost analysis into Excel for several hours....wait, fuck that, that's a boring image. Curly, in a smoke filled room and wearing a clear green visor, toils endlessly over his adding machine as he calculates cost figures for his misanthropic boss, Mr. Scrooge. Yeah, now that's better. Anyway, the post can be found here or below, where I will snowmobile it into the ground. Cheers!

I have decided to make a post telling people how good units are in pints ~I'll have an old speckled hen please wise and money wise.

At the start I must be clear when I tell you that i'm NOT telling you what units/ models are worth their points cost ~and I'm DONE listening to you, i'm telling you about how much you get for your money. I'm going to review most of the plastic units from five armies that i think cover the largest spectrum. i have chosen Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Orks and Necrons ~wait, what? how the fuck do Necrons cover a large part of the 40k spectrum. Where are Tau or CSM? At least people still play those armies.

I have chosen not to use metal models simply because they are usualy a defualt price and the options are so vast i would take me significant longer to make this tactica. ~ah the tactics of spending money. I think we have a shopaholic on our hands here- We're going to hit up the early bird sale a Marshals first and then hit the clearance bin at Banana Republic right when they put out the new merchandise and then we'll...oooh SHOES!!!!
I will be working out the effectiveness by dividing points (pts) by cost (pounds) ~points to weight ratio ftw! :) your currency has a silly name, the lower the score the better the cost effectiveness ~that's not the way this works dude. A higher score is better, unless you are trying to tell me that IG are the most efficient army in 40k. This means that you can see whether units are worth their price tag. ~except we still haven't established which unis are actually good on the table. But if you're just looking for the cheapest way to throw 1,850 points worth of shit on the table, this is the article for you... The formula will also work in dollars i i ~aye aye will aproximate the dollar mean using the result i have. I will work out the pound mean (average) by adding up all the results and dividing by however many there are ~however many what? Is this another madlib? (plural noun)- FARTS! . The points costs i'll be using is are the default amounts with no upgrades your welcome- ed.
This does mean that if you upgrade you unit the effectiveness will increase even more. Well enough talking, i'l get started. the first 'column' will be the unit type, the number in brackets the number in the box ~am I the only one who wants a box full of numbers? and the third column the army effectiveness.


Tactical squad ( 10 ) 8.5
Scouts (5) 6.25
Rhino/drop pod 1.95
Razorback 2
Chapter master/captain 10.42 / 8.33
Terminators (5) 8
Dreadnought/ironclad 4.2 / 5.4
Venerable dreadnought 6.35
Assault squad (5) 6.25
Land speeder 2.78
Bike (1) 4.17
Landraider/crusader 7.14
Redeemer 6.86
Vindicator 4.6
(as i said, a good selection but not everything, you can work the rest out for your self if you are bothered.) ~so how is your average an average for the whole army if you don't include every plastic option, let alone every single option?  Stats fail

Marines average = 6.15


Company Command (5) 3.33
Platoon command (5) 2
Infantry squad ( 10 ) 4.17
Heavy weapons squad (3) 3
Chimera 2.75
Sentinel/armoured 2.33 / 3.67
Valkerie 2.86
Hellhound 4.33
Leman russ battle tank 6
Basilisk 4.17

Guard average = 3.86


Warriors (12) + scarabs (3) 14
Destroyers (1) 5
Monolith 6.71

Necrons average = 8.57 ~holy shit Necrons must be so good if their army is rated highest, right...right?

Nobs (5) 6.67
Burna boys/lootas (5) 5.56
Boys ( 10 ) 5
Gretchin (11) 5
Truck 1.94
Stormboys (5) 4
War buggy 2
Warbikers (3) 3.26
Battlewagon 2.57
Deff dread 2.83
Killa kans (3) 3.89

Orks average = 8.92 ~Curly must be some kind of a math-magician to get an average higher than any single number in his set. -or- Ork Math.


Hive Tyrant 5.67 (i know its metal but its also big!)
Tyranid warriors (3) 5
Genestealers ( 8 ) 7.47
Hormagaunts (12) 4
Termagaunts (12) 4.8
Ravenors (3) 3.33
Gargoyles ( 10 ) 3.43
Carnifex 6.4
Trygon/ Mawloc 6.67 / 5.67

Nids average = 5.83


This isn't nessesarily the exact mean but it should be close. If you're working in dollars it should be around 11.5 ish. hopefully this should have been useful ~well it should have been.... It now means that if you are considering buying something you now have something to compare it up against to see whether is is worth the plastic it's printed on.
Any comments would be much appreciated. Feel free to add any suggestions or improvements. Thanks for reading ~you're welcome


kennedy said...

Dude. This is balls. Pure, unadulterated balls. If it were not for your comments, I don't know how I could have even tried to read this dross.

How do you make your sanity checks?

The_King_Elessar said...


I don't know what the fuck that guy drinks/smokes/injects into his eyeballs - but if he thinks that was useful to anyone, I want some.

The Lord of Excess said...

I agree this is pretty useless shit ... especially how he put it ... "to see whether its worth the plastic its printed on." Huh?? That said I've seen cost breakdowns of how much it would cost to get a standard 1500 or 1750 point army for the different forces and that makes sense for new players just breaking into the game. That stuff though ... wasn't being presented that way ... like the point values to actual monetary cost ratio means a damn thing?!?! Maybe if you want about how GW over prices their HQ units sometimes, etc. or don't seem to have a logical system to their pricing ... lol. Ahh the internet full of such wonderfully useless info eh :) Hey this guy should be a primary contributor to BOLS!

SandWyrm said...

Yay for fail at calculating stats that I was actually interested in.