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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dick Move Mathlete of the Week

Today I'm going to try and add a new feature to this blog. I see a lot of mathhammer out there while trolling the Internet to bring you some of the worst garbage I can find. Some of it is good and some of it is just pure shit.
Say what you will about mathhammer analysis, but I think it's a reasonable way to at least evaluate units, rules, and the like in a vacuum without having to worry about such pesky things as reality. But seriously, if you don't at least have a vague understanding of the math behind the game, I think you're at a slight disadvantage. That said, relying too much on the math puts you at a disadvantage as well. If your inner C3P0 is always telling you that the odds are 3720 to 1 against doing something, you'll never take a risk and never get to experience the beauty of navigating that asteroid field. If you've ever had a lone IG Sgt. take out a Lord of Chaos in a roof top battle you'll know what I'm talking about. But, over-reliance on statistics will also put you in a tight spot. Ever charge somebody and know that you're statistically likely to win the fight only to have your genestealers get their asses handed to them by a handful of tactical marines? Happens to the best of us, but probably pissed you off pretty badly and probably derailed your whole game plan. Just because something is probably going to happen doesn't mean it will happen. Point is, math is not a sure thing. You still need to be able to maintain tactical flexibility and learn to expect the unexpected.

Anyway regardless of your feelings on mathhammer, I think that math is awesome and you're just going to have to deal with it- nyaaa :p So every week I'll try and highlight some of the best statistical analysis of tabletop games that I can find and name someone "Mathlete of the Week."

This week we draw our attention to the worst blog ever written, "Dick Move." It is run by some asshole named Dethtron who claims to be quite good at math, but consistently fails to perform rudimentary probability computations on a semi-regular basis. ~yeah apparently his idea of editing is spell check. Boom snowmobiled, bitch Luckily, The_King_Elessar and Brother Loring were there to pull his head out of his ass. Want to see the mistakes? To bad you can't, because that fuckwad Dethtron had the gall to edit them out of his post. What a piece of shit. Check out the comments here, where the math fail is still preserved. So hats off to you TKE and Loring for bringing peace, harmony, and maths back into the world. You both truly deserve to share the title of "Mathlete of the Week."


Hoags said...

Well, i'm frakking hopeless at math. No wonder I always do so badly :(

Watch Craigslist for my shit to be on sale soon...

John Laubersheimer said...

there is no way I'm buying your poop... uh... there isn't more than one reason to buy your poop.

The_King_Elessar said...

I'll defer the honour, thanks - I performed no actual math, I simply spotted a typo. Bro Lo the Bro Ho deserves all the accolades for this week. :)

Why the fuck does 'math' come up as a typo?

Gonit: An exclamation, usually for something a dog did.

Kirby said...

I'll take TKE's award for showing Warseer that Falcons are more survivable than they were last edition unless you put them in melta range (and yet they all still put Dragons in them and race them towards the enemy...).

Thanks TKE =D.

kennedy said...

I actively try to use 40k to make myself better at doing math in my head. Sometimes it works and sometimes I botch it as bad as you did in that article.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this feature.

Anonymous said...

Maaannnnn! And I was just beginning to like my new nickname.

But, as the rule goes... no pics, or it didn't happen! ;)

Roland Durendal said...

My current internetz stupid Math debate is over the effectiveness of a WC armed WL on a Thunderwolf vs a Frost Weapon or Thunderhammer armed one. For some reason, the unwashed hordes of mouth breathers who inhabit the 'webz think a Frost Weapon w/ Storm Shield is superior to the WC/SS combo. I even had the pleasure of reading this nugget (and this is summarized for the sheer stupidity would blind you): "The Frost Blade is superior because you can wound higher T creatures easier. Plus you can insta-kill T3!!!1!!!11111!"

Being a dick, I had to break out the simple maths to prove that the WC was as effective as the Frost Weapon vs. higher T and only an idiot would think insta-gibbing T3 was somehow uber or cool.