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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kirby gets down to bidness with the Blood Angels

Everybody knows that Blood Angels are the new hotness. They are clearly an overpowered product of GW's continuous codex creep. Haha j/k. They are, however, totally sweet and capable of making a lot of different builds that weren't possible or viable with other SM lists. You can run a list of almost all dreadnoughts, 6 predators, deepstriking land raiders, and jump packs, of course.

If you, like me, are confused about where to get started with BAs, due to the ridiculous number of options available, you should go check out Kirby's fantastic index of basic BA lists on "3++ is the new black". You won't be sorry. Click here to not be sorry

I'm kind of liking his "blood rodeo" list myself, but am most likely still going to stay the course and rock a mech 6x predator list.


Chumbalaya said...

It is indeed a very good resource and the Blood Rodeo does look fun.

I put up a Hybrid as well as my own mech list and I'm working on a Bloodwing too :P

Mobious said...

I checked it out this morning, I had no idea Kirby could put down lists like that!

As always Chumb is trying to steal the spotlight. :P

John Laubersheimer said...

Don't forget King "I'll fight everyone on BoLS" Elessar's stuff either: Some interesting lists and a solid codex review in progress

Dethtron said...

well, Lauby, I was planning on linking to that stuff when he had the whole codex finished, so thanks for ruining the surprise ;(

The_King_Elessar said...

I'll fight anyone anywhere! Rawr!

Justin said...

I wasn't going to play BA, but since I managed to get 3x Baal Preds at $30 a pop NIB, I'm having second thoughts.

And Fast Vindicators...cripes.

So I'm thinking I could make my BT army into "Blood Templars" Army by making a shoulder guard red... //shrugs

Kirby said...

I didn't know Mobious could be so nice and so rude at the same time! lol

At least there's no pictures of Kermit here...and I'm still trying to get a picture of me and this GW Kirby to prove my innocence! lol

<3 for the shout out