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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dark Eldar rumors, Sasquatch photo edition

In case you haven't seen the above image take a good long look at it. It's supposed to imply something or other about the imminent release of the new Dark Eldar Codex. Now, I believe that the evil space elves will be getting a codex one of these days soon, but is that photo really evidence that proves it's about to happen? The Internet sheep seem to think so. Maybe it's just my old age (that seems to also be manifesting itself into long-winded rants about teenagers, the Internet, and the hippity hop music) and failing eyesight, but I can't make out a fucking thing in that picture. All I can see is kind of a dark blur that could just as easily be the cover of a Warmachine supplement as a Warhammer 40k one. Those banners are admittedly similar, after all. Long story short- I'll hold out for more conclusive evidence.

You know what this means....We've got to enhance!


Randroid said...

It says something I'm sure ... but I am pretty sure the words are much longer than "Dark Eldar".

Either way I don't care. The world doesn't need more space elves.. or any other elves for that matter.

kennedy said...

I have to hope that DE are coming soon. I really want a reason to either break mine out again or buy all new models (the pictures in the BRB were very slick).

However, I believe, like you, that these "rumors" mean all of jack and shit.

Also, what we really need are some David Caruso one liners... Or do you already have a monopoly on those,Dethtron?

Hoagy said...


Marsh gas!

Weather balloon!

Hoagy said...

Upon close scrutiny, if this is (and I use that very losely) a picture of a codex, then it could possibly be Black templars, although with the release of the BAs, I would not see them doing another marine Codex for a little while. We can rule out Necrons, unless they are going to be named something else. Squinting and enlarging and dicking about with the image does little else. So other speculation could be Witch Hunters (and i'm not just saying that for obvious reasons). It could even be a WFB book. Tomb Kings/Vampire Counts maybe?

Dethtron said...

@Hoagarth- that's not even the right color for a WFB book you wishlisting git. I'll just assume you were kidding ;) Besides everyone knows that's a picture of the planet Venus.

Hoagy said...

In my defense, if they are messing about with formats etc on the comp, whos to say thats only about 80% if the final cover? might not even have any border on it yet!


Its a dude in a monkey suit, duh!

DFM said...

i thought it was just a nerd dual screening Warhammer online...

The_King_Elessar said...

Codexes are generally being finished a full 12 months before release, something BoLS should be aware of, but chooses to ignore, in favour of sensationalism and ratings.

Dethtron said...

haha, speaking of sensationalism and journalistic integrity- this entire post was just a thinly veiled excuse to link to the "enhance" video. lolz

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