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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dicking Around Since 1996?

A friend of mine just pointed out an awesome site to me.  It's totally radical dudes.  It converts any URL into a mid 1990's style Geocities site as it would be designed by a 13 year old.  Click here to see what "Dick Move" would have looked like if I had made it in High School.  Bonus internets to anybody that can tell me what song is playing in the background.  Anybody else miss general MIDItunes?

+++edit+++ it totally plays different songs when you click away from the main page.  The mathlete post plays something from Evita.....I think I'm going to permalink this!!  I vote that everyone reading this, go and "fix" their own blog right now and post a permanent link to your new geocities awesome page.

Since you're all totally jealous of my totally awesome blog by now and want to have your own totally awesome Geocities site, here is a link to the application:  this is a link to awesometown, population: you.


Anonymous said...

ugh.... Thanks for influencing my Ipod choices for the rest of the afternoon... Chumbawumba indeed....

Randroid said...

This is awesome.

Farmpunk said...

hmm. perhaps I'm the only one who pronounced Geocities the same was as you pronounce Atrocities

I remember the two describing similar assaults on the senses.

Brent said...


Strange stuff... I got the dancing baby somewhere in all the yellow...


Dethtron said...

Brent, my eyes will never forgive you for the raping you have just given them