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Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome YTTH readers- Pardon Our Mess

Hey all, I wasn't expecting to get any significant traffic this early in the game, so I apologize for the general lack of sexy over here at "Dick Move." It's early days for this blog, so don't be afraid of its rough appearance. Nevertheless, thanks to Stelek over at "Yes the Truth Hurts" for linking to my first article.

I'd also like to ask for anybody with any sort of artistic abilities to submit logo ideas. I was thinking something really classy like Calvin peeing on something (we are the champagne of blogs, after all), but am open to just about anything that sums up the emotional brand that is "Dick Move." Unfortunately I have 0 ability when it comes to the digital arts. As an added bonus, if you come up with a design that I use, I will exempt your own blog from being the subject of my shenanigans for 1 whole month. WOW!!!

thanks for visiting and keep on dicking it to the man


Justin said...

What is the biggest 'dick move' a person can make in 40k?

Maybe your banner could be a picture that's related?

My favorite dick move I ever pulled (geez...that sounds, um, gay) was surrounding a Land Raider with scarab swarms and then managing to kill it with a Heavy Destroyer, thus killing the squad of Terminators inside. I thought my opponent was going to cry.

Anyhow, looking forward to the blog. Good luck!

Ishamael said...

Heard an interesting dick move this evening that involved using Star Engines to put Fire Dragons between the tits of a Wave Serpent after cooking a vehicle. This also involved using another Serpent to give them a box they can't be assaulted in.

@Justin: That's not a dick move, that's hilarity. Only one-up is to hump the Raider to death with the Scarabs.

Looking forward to reading Dick Move!

Dethtron said...

Nice to see everyone getting into the spirit. Biggest dick move I've pulled to date is planting an inquisitor and mystics right next to a leman russ demolisher squadron in a game of planetstrike while I was defending. Let's just say that once he figured out what was going on, my opponent chose not to deep strike any more units near my base.

My guard were all like "chaos troops have entered the base" ::splat::

ps, planetstrike sucks