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Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Advice For New Players

I got to thinking and figured that maybe those of you who are in the working world* don't necessarily want to be confronted by a wave of negativity on Monday. Going forward, I'll try to highlight something I've found that I think is good advice, intelligent debate, or a least amusing. Basically something that isn't as flawed as the other stuff you'll find here and just might make you think happy thoughts.

Anyway, for today I wanted to direct everyone to Raptor1313's blog "Spite for the Dice Gods." In an introductory article that kicks off a series on armybuilding, he gives us "Armybuilding 101: essential capabilities." Lots of good advice to be found there, and in his other articles. This forms a strong counterpoint to last night's post from Dick Move UK, and offers up some very useful information on the tasks that any army must be able to complete. Great advice for newbies and even a good idea to look at if you're a veteran player. It might give you some new perspective on your game. This is certainly a lot more helpful than any piece of "getting started" advice published by GW in the history of space and time.


*ie suckers


Chumbalaya said...

Spite for the Dice Gods is a great site, it's always nice to read Raptor's insights.

Hoagy said...

...and from there I happened upon a 'Daughters of the Emperor' blog! behold! no more work from me today!

The_King_Elessar said...

I've been a fan for a long time, and hold the Blog in high regard.