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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dick Move Foundation for the Socially Awkward

As I have a big exam tomorrow that desperately needs my attention, the blog will be shorter today.

Fear not, though, as I have a big announcement to make. I would like to formally introduce the Dick Move Foundation for the Socially Awkward. Through this foundation I hope to help nerds develop the social skills necessary to function in society. For pennies a day, you can lend your support to a gamer in need.

Lady and gentlemen, barlio over on DakkaDakka needs our help. It seems he's having problems confronting a "bully" at his local gaming store. The bully himself, sounds like pure Dick Move fodder- spreading misinformation, giving bad advice, and loudly pontificating on opinions that are blatantly wrong. Unfortunately, barlio seems to lack the social skills to confront the unnamed assailant. Instead, he must retreat behind his (admittedly sweet Team America) Avatar to ask for our help*. What say you? What would you advise barlio does to gain the self esteem necessary to tell his mortal enemy to shut the fuck up? Sound off in the comments here and over on DakkaDakka to help this guy out.
* But Dethtron, aren't you anonymously attacking people, while hiding behind your Internet persona? Doesn't this make you a hypocrite?
~You don't know me! ::wags head::

1 comment:

Postal said...

I suggest getting a long trench coat and a few shotguns. Then shoot him in his fat gob.