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Monday, March 15, 2010

Full Metal Fury!

If you happen to be in the Chicago area this week why not come check out my new band, Gravedirt? Details are on the flier. This will most likely be our last time performing under that name, as we have transitioned away from the initial horror punk concept into the wonderful world of FUCKING METAL! and are finding ourselves needing a more fitting name. Also, a number of personell changes have occured since the band's inception, so it's time for a rebirth of sorts.
But anyways, I will leave you with a hastily recorded demo* that someone attached some ultra low quality live video to and tried to turn down the suck by splicing in some Gamera footage. And to answer your question in advance, yes he is saying 'land of unicorns.' By way of apology for the poor recording I will let you all know that we should be hitting the studio for real to lay down at least enough material for an EP.

*seriously this demo was 3 tracks recorded in a little under 2 hours, including setup/teardown time. So we basically got 1 take with everything when all said and done. Idiot "recording engineer" fucked it up so badly that we couldn't even do any overdubs on it, so we couldn't cut out sloppy guitar solos in the end as we'd intended to do. Meh, enough excuses, enjoy this....

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