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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Presets

Certainly not new to the music scene, but definitely under appreciated in most parts of the world, The Presets are helping to bring back my interest in purely synthesized music. Releasing albums from Sydney Australia since 2004, this duo has done wonders to alleviate the boredom in the electronic music scene caused by years of bland trance and shit classified generically as "electronica." Their use of edgier tones, but no less danceable beats creates a very intersting mix that a lot of neo-industrial acts wish they could pull off. Here are some videos from their most recent release 2008's "Apocalypso" which is now triple platinum certified in Australia. First up is the first single off the album entitled "My people" which has a video that probably causes seizures.

2nd video is not my favorite track from the album, but check out 0:11 for a special nerd treat. Here's "if I know you."

Lastly, here's my favorite song/video off their first album, "Beams," called "are you the one?" This video makes me laugh every time I see it and reminds me of some of the early Muppet show stuff on acid. Creepy to say the least!


jcroxford said...

Awesome. I love it.

kennedy said...

Dude, you just went from being in my top 5 40k sites to being my #1. You rock, Dethtron!