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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Note From Underground Re: The Mission

Dear readers, naysayers, cronies, mortal enemies, et al:

As this blog grows and I begin to further define what exactly it is that Dick Move means to me, I figured I'd offer up my thoughts on the way things are shaping up here.

First and foremost, this isn't a blog primarily concerned with tactics. As I have and will continue to freely admit, while I am a decent player, I don't consider myself an authority on tactical maters, list building, and the like. Other people out there do it better than me, so go read them. Unfortunately, part of what I do here has to lead to tactical discussions. I'm not full of myself enough to say that my word here is law. I welcome dissenting opinions, as this helps make us all better players.

Well, what is the mission then? I am on a mission to sniff out bullshit. This is something I'm particularly good at. I am out there most every day dredging up garbage on gaming forums that is so bad that it should make you laugh and the writers feel shame. Even if it doesn't, it makes me laugh and that's good enough for me. There's more than one kind of masturbation that makes use of the Internet, after all*. I like to think of this blog as an extension for all of the blogs, forums, groups, or whatever out there where you can't state your opinion. I can't say what I'm really thinking most places, so I created my own space to do so. You're welcome to join me if you'd like. As a bonus, I won't censor anything**, so you can feel free to say whatever you want. That includes bad mouthing me. Fuck, you don't even have to be constructive about it. I don't take myself seriously enough to be bothered by anonymous lunatics***. Just be prepared to get as good as you give.

What's the point of it all, if all I do is complain? Well, maybe we'll all learn something. Maybe we won't. I hope we can all at least have a good fucking laugh about it, though. No matter what, we should all be able to let off some steam here.

*both types are fun, though

**I will delete the word winklepicker from any post. Something about that word bugs the shit out of me.

***On my own anonymity, if I weren't currently actively seeking employment I would be a lot less anonymous than I currently am. I even had/have plans for a "wanna punch dethtron in the face" section including my address and phone number for people that really have a bone to pick. But, as it stands, I'd like to keep my real life and Internet persona separate for the time being.


Justin said...

Sounds good. Keep up the music finds/recommendations too. I'm really liking "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart"

Oh, and if you can find a tactica/blog post espousing how uber Ogryns or Ratlings are, that'd be winklepicker-tastic.

Kirby said...

There was no subtle hint that "Kirby over at 3++ is the new black [what an awesome name btw] is far better than me at stuff, go see him [he also hands out candy]."

So for that.

winklepicker :).

Hoags said...

I have a pair of cuban-heel winklepickers in my closet at home, like Andrew Eldritch used to wear... You should try them on :)

The_King_Elessar said...

Go fuck yourself winklepicker!

No link to Mind War indeed...

Dethtron said...

1) You guys are assholes
2) I can't bring myself to even censor that awful word...
3) Mind War Link added in spite of white text/black background that hurts my puny mortal eyes :)

Hoagy said...

Diana calls them 'Pickle Wigglers'.

Chumbalaya said...

Sparkling wiggles