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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Necron Rumors

Izual, a man shrouded in mystery, has dropped some fresh Necron rumors of dubious nature in our laps over on DakkaDakka. I think it's safe to say that Necrons are in the pipeline, but I see his post as a model for how not to instill faith in your rumors. I'm not necessarily passing judgement on whether I think these are true or not, but just read on and I hope you'll see the humor buried in there that I do. Or maybe my weak photo editing skills will bring a smile to your face (since my superimposing of a werewolf in a culver's parking lot seems to have gone unnoticed in Friday Night Internet Fight Round 2).

I have some information regarding the development of a Necron codex. I do not
normally come on Warseer ~score so far: flimsy credentials- 1; credibility- 0, but thought you would appreciate this information –
hence the small number of posts. You have no reason to put faith in me ~thanks, maybe I'll stop reading now...score now 2:love – and I
am not prepared to prove my validity at potential detriment to my career. I do
not want to specify my exact employment with Games Workshop for this reason. ~so redshirt then....? they usually get all the juicy gossip...

Necrons have completed the initial concept phase of their line
expansion. Release schedule is currently for January 2011.

conceptual phase has been stop-start for some time – it is a product range that
has massive potential, and Games Workshop have been very uncertain of the most
lucrative theme by which to capitalise on its fanbase ~Necrons have a theme beyond robot undead?. The development is
considered a high-risk investment – a commitment problem that the team is well
aware of, and is exacerbated by there being multiple such high-risk line
expansions currently being pursued. ~evidence of DE, Ogre Kingdoms, and Inquisition?

3 multi-part plastic kits
have been finalised as:

- Immortals
- Spyders
- The Necromancer ~please tell me that's a working title or the name for GW's new power metal band

Immortals are on a large (35mm) base ~so GW doesn't make a 35mm base- further evidence against your employment; they are redesigned as larger,
bulkier and more dynamic.

Spyders have 3 different builds

Necromancer is the central sell of the line expansion and has been the focus of
much of the early design process. ~GW has been slowly navigating away from this type of sales model. New codexes don't focus on 1 or a handful of good units while making the rest shit these days. Most entries are useful and appealing, so 4-0. It has been through several incarnations (and
names), but is essentially of the same principle as the Bone Giant for the
Warhammer Fantasy range. It has a mechanised skeletal torso housing a suspended
crystal, and will likely have a choice between two horrific weapons.

That is all the information I can disclose. I will not post any

I would like to add that development staff are getting very
frustrated by headquarters’ increasingly tyrannical policies – within and
between departments – ~so you work with or in conjunction with development? I'm calling your boss! haha with regards to information restriction. It’s absurd, and
unnecessary. ~yes and no. some evidence would suggest that leaked information can boost sales. Some information would also suggest that leaked information, especially for a riskier release, could hurt overall sales. Leaked information could even hurt current sale if, let's say, a kid was saving his allowance to buy a trygon, but found out that a new Baal Predator was coming out and held off his purchase.

Well, that's that. Some plausible stuff mixed in there with some stuff that sounds bogus. Anybody want to take a crack at whether or not this bloke is really in the know on this one?

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Hoagy said...

Don't know if its worth mentioning, but there was also Necron 'new' rumors on Warseer this morning, but now the thread has gone...