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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Horrors

Those of you reading this site in the UK have probably had this band shoved down your throat for the last 3 years or so by NME, but these guys haven't really made their presence known on the other side of the pond.

With two albums in the bag, they have proven their musical chops and put a lot of buzz to bed about being a one trick pony or more concerned with fashion than music*. With their second album, "Primary Colours," they unveil a new more mature sound than the harsher, punkier first album, "Strange House." 'More mature' is usually used as a euphemism for boring, but luckily in this case it's not. They show some real talent with song craft and made a really good neo-shoegaze record in the process. I still think I like the grit of the first album better myself, but the girlfriend and most of my friends prefer the second. I'll put two vids up here, so you can decide for yourselves.

The first is Sheena is a parasite from "Strange House." Video is directed by Chris Cunningham of Aphex Twin fame. It features the creepiest use of squid vagina I've ever seen.

The second video is the second single from "Primary Colours" and arguably my favorite on the album. Here's "Who Can Say."

*although they do appear in an episode of The Mighty Boosh that seemed to exist only to make jokes about pencil leg jeans.

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