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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Slight Oversight

Dear Academy:

It seems you forgot to nominate The Road for anything. Go fuck yourselves!




Justin said...

At least the big awards went to Hurt Locker instead of "Dance with Wolves...IN SPACE!".

Didn't see 'The Road'. If it's faithful to the book, I'm going to need some serious anti-depressants.

Dethtron said...

Yeah, I agree on the thank god Space Pocahantes didn't win best pic. Still need to see hurt locker, though.

Re: the Road- yes it's pretty faithful to the book. Like good tragedy, though, I found it to be pretty uplifting. Much more so than normal Cormac McCarthy nihilism. The book and film really made me think that he set out to write a piece of German romanticism in a sci-fi paradigm. By which I mean the novel suggests that to move ahead, we need to look to the past and destroy our present.