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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm sitting around recovering from a mild and highly embarrassing bout of food poisoning. This has given me lots of time to stare mindlessly into the Internet* for the day. Haven't been able to dredge up anything awful or get my panties into knot about anything major, but got sucked into a thread about the usefulness of IG Stormtroopers on Warseer. There's actually a fair amount of decent advice in the thread as well as an amusing debate about whether they are a surgical strike (scalpel) unit or a suicide unit. I vote on the former myself. I'm not likely to bring my troopers off the shelf all too often, but I've never exactly regretted taking on the rare occasions that I have. They have proved moderately useful at both MEQ and tank busting, so can usually make their (extremely high) points cost back for me.

Once I got a little deeper into the thread though, I stumbled across this gem:

definetly don't give them a transport, they're more flexible whitout it (and
not too expensive)

Look out, serious logic fail. Their cost is precisely why they need a fly ride (or flying ride) dumbass. If they aren't deep-striking or infiltrating, they'll need something to keep their asses alive, cause we all know they'll get shot to shit if they're not wrapped in a candy coating of vehicle.

Plus, having the option to be mounted doesn't detract from their flexibility at all. Give them a chimera (a good idea)- you can still deepstrike or infiltrate them if you feel the need, just don't deploy them in their chimera. As a bonus, having an extra chimera floating around could be useful for ride swapping (for ISTs, grey knights, etc.) Same goes for putting them inside
Valkyries/Vendettas (also a good idea). This doesn't limit their flexibility, but increases it, all from the warm nougaty center of a transport that is a killing machine by itself.

*does it also stare back into me?

1 comment:

Chumbalaya said...

I enjoyed the chicken littling when the hot-shot lasguns got AP3. Oh noes!! What will we do?! The S3 weapons will kill us all!

Like retarded lemmings, these people.