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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 3 Results show

Well, I lost this one. Not as badly as it looked like I was going to from the onset, but a loss no less. Story of my fucking week, man....

Anywho, congrats to Expletive Deleted for capturing 41% of the vote. Now the question is: will he step forward and unmask himself?
I guess short and sarcastic beats out long winded rants. Will I change my methods? Not likely.
Thanks for voting and please remember to e-mail me a link if you see or participate in a fight that you think needs some extra perspective.


Chumbalaya said...

It was a precision strike, a walk off home run. It's hard to top wins that epic.

Dethtron said...

so if expletive deleted= precision strike does dethtron= carpet bombing? lol

John Laubersheimer said...

...and that boy was me!