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Monday, March 22, 2010

Primer via the Hobby Lauby

You may have remembered that last week I promised to be positive on Mondays. That's still totally happening. Go check out this article from a while back at Laubersheimer Industries. Then go check out the follow up article.

He has got some great painting articles up on his site, and I found his article on primer to be quite helpful and informative. A certain other gigantic blog that none of us here seem to think much of has been running articles on this subject with lots of incorrect information in them. Go check this one out instead and spread the word.

If you take only two things away from this experience it should be that-

  • if your can doesn't say primer, it isn't

  • duplicolor sandable primer is inexpensive and good

On a personal note I have switched from Citadel (too expensive), to dork tower (worst spray paints ever made, unless you enjoy stripping fuzzy paint globs from 90% of what you paint*), to krylon black spray (good but not really primer), and have ended up on duplicolor. Haven't regretted the switch, although I have run into instances where even my fingernails will rub primer off of a metal model. I have a feeling that this has less to do with the primer and cokenails and more to do with me generally not washing minis before assembly. Fuck you mold release agent!


*I paint in my basement** with a dehumidifier, so humidity is not the problem. I also always hold the can upside down and spray until clear mist comes out after use to clear the nozzle, so that's not the issue. The issue is that this truly is the shittiest paint ever.

**I'd fuck me***

***yo dawg, I heard you like foot notes....


Hoagy said...

I don't know why people use GW's 'chaos black' spray paint as a primer??? it gives you a frakking nasty semi gloss sheen to the coat when applied. I use the Krylon 'Fusion' spray paint, works great on plastic and metal. I wonder whether they re going to discontinue it though, as on their site, all fusion for plastic links lead to this:


arse banditry!

John Laubersheimer said...

Dear Hoagy,

Go to an autoparts store and get some duplicolor sandable primer. There's no reason to be fusing your primer to the model.

Your pal,

Hoagy said...

Already got some, and still prefer the Krylon! I have been able to strip it relatively easily too...

Justin said...

Krylon Camo Ultra Flat.

Best stuff I've ever used and isn't as susceptible to humidity as some primers. Oh, I live in Louisiana (Hooray Army!), so I know humidity.

When you first use it you may be dismayed by how 'thick' it appears to coat the model (and thus, it's details) but when you let it dry you're good to go.

About 4 bucks a can and comes in Olive, Black, Khaki, and Brown.