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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Retail Win

For those of you reading from the US, you're probably returning to work today after your long Memorial Day weekend. I took some time off from the blog over the weekend myself, as Dr. Girlfriend wasn't on call for the first time in a good long while. Somehow all of my free time then materialized in reading lots of bad sci-fi and listening to a bunch of Gary Numan. There was also a super fun couple days of cleaning the house and gardening along with lots of grocery shopping and a small cookout for some friends and even a surprise band practice*.

Well that's certainly boring, Dethtron, we don't come here to hear about your mundane existence. When are you going to make fun of somebody or swear? Haha, too true, well today, since Tuesday is the Monday of this post-holiday week, I'll be positive. In a crazy twist of fate, if you read this post of mine you'll know what I'm talking about, Forge World has actually exceeded my expectations as a customer recently.

As you well know, I just posted an Elysian Drop troop list last week. Not having a few pieces I need for the list, I placed what turned out to be a rather sizable FW order. It wasn't all Elysians, I did round it out with some Chimera doors, weathering powders, another Manticore (I told you guys I'm not buying that ugly ass new one...) and Inquisition brass etch. I think I wound up buying a pack of landmines as well when I wound up 7quid short of free shipping.**

I place the order. Well I mean I attempted to place the order and, as always, my credit card company cock blocked the foreign order. A quick, relatively painless, call to Mastercard later and I've got a FW order placed. Hooray for commerce.

Later that day I get an e-mail from Simon of FW customer service fame stating that the Imperial Eagle Chimera doors (which were to be used to spruce up my Psyker Battle Squad Chimerae) are no longer in production. He asks if I'd rather get refund or replace them with something. I write him back saying that I'd rather exchange them and 'hey why not just swap them for the Cadian tank commander frame at no additional cost even though it's actually 1 GBP more than what I had spent and by they way, why aren't you making the doors.' He responds, within a few minutes (now that's service) and lets me know that the exchange is ok. He also tells me that the Chimera doors don't fit the new Chimera kit, but new ones may be produced some day. I write him back real quick like and let him know that I have a stack of the old kits laying around so it's not a problem if they do happen to have the doors. I also decide to roll the dice and ask him what could be done about my 10 missing Elysian heads from last August#.

He replied back quickly again that he could help me. Would I prefer to have a new set of plain heads cast or just get a respirator head set. I let him know that I'd take the respirators, but if they happened to have a set of plain ones laying around I'd rather have them, to match the ones I had. I then get an automated out of office response saying he'd be on holiday until today. Well thanks for being awesome enough to put up the out of office notification. Fast forward to today and he e-mails me right away to let me know that they're casting a new set of heads for me. Way to go beyond my expectations.

I just wanted to share this with the world since most people (Dethtron included) only talk about retail experiences when it goes horribly wrong, but fail to recognize when somebody goes the extra mile. Thanks Simon, you deserve another vacation and a raise.

*This occurs when you send an e-mail out about practice, which nobody replies to several days prior. Then just as you're about to go to the hardware store to buy some Hydrangeas, your entire band shows up.
**Waving my dick wallet around. Well it worked for Kirby, he got a lot of responses on that one....
# after dropping over $500 on Elysians at Games Day Chicago, I realized months later that one pack of troops came missing heads. A trip to the Chicago bunker proved less than helpful and several e-mails to customer service went unanswered.


Count Hoagy Von Fronkensteen said...

First of all, many apologies for not calling yesterday. I totally forgot about the BBQ until I was driving home from Roselle... argh!

Secondly, that IS a great example of good customer service. I have to say all (bar one) time i've ordered, or called FW, they have been pretty excellent. My mom also will agree that they were super helpful. Its a shame that the customer service and way they run Warhammer World now is so painfully piss-poor I wanted to fling poop at the place when I was over there because of the ineptitude of their staff and quality of service. Have a turd grenade, WHW!

Chumbalaya said...

Kewl beans, go that guy.

Kirby said...

Oi...wanker :(. I just thought it was exciting to let everyone know of my purchase which they helped pick by voting for Tyranids (thankfully I didn't put up a Blood Rodeo list...the amount of painting, eep!).

Ahem, 1) why wasn't I invited to this BBQ? 2) I find GW & FW have pretty good customer service when things go missing/turn up crap and haven't really heard much bad press about FW so it's good to get more of it :P. I'll drop my own line now...

Back when I was a wee lad of 14 I placed my first ever e-bay order and won a ton of Tyranid stuff including Genestealers I had no use for. I wait eagerly (wetting my pants thrice!) and later rather than sooner, the order arrives and I fling about bubble-wrap and those little curly styrofoam (sp?) things they put in boxes and fuel my plastic addiction. To my horror all of the Genestealers (who were blue...why did they make the old models blue!?) had warped slots so the arms couldn't fit in (the old models were two pieces and the body was slotted for the other 'half' to fit in). Without extensive modelling work they wouldn't fit together.

So mommy called GW and then I got to talk to them (oooo). 3 days later I was sent 2 boxes of Genestealers. Not 1. 2. And without needing picture proof or anything. And I bought it online. It must of been my cute girly boy voice!

Anyway, let's see a pic when all this gets in Dethtron! We can have a dick waving contest for who's is bigger :).

Kirby said...

P.S. my order got me affiliate status with Wayland. What did yours get you? *waves it around* =D

Paul Andrew Charles Burton said...

There is a an awful lost of mast waving going on around here... it's like watching Star Wars ffs!

The_King_Elessar said...

Here in my car...

The Numinator is awesomesauce...

Also, that FW guy is pretty great. I am yet to have a bad experience with GW* - over the years and thousands of pounds I've had a couple misshapen kits - and they've always been replaced, with me keeping the old stuff also. Particularly great when it was one of the metal Skorchas, because I had a spare Trakk to convert lying around with the free bonus metal pieces.

* - In a retail sense, at least. Fucking rules. Plus, used to have some shitty staff around here.

PsychoSquire said...

I have had very good service from Games Workshop and FW. FW CAN be slow, if you don't get someone on the line or in email communication, but the second someone "picks up" the problem, they have great accountability and ownership of the issue.
I have received whole kits multiple times when I have had a minor issue, like, for instance half a soulgrinder face, or a warp in a FW model.

So, while they continulally put out new things to rape my wallet, and circumcise the girth of the poor bugger as I wave it. They do stand by their product, so kudos there.

Gustav said...

I have had good experience with FW over the years.

Though my last order had some Chimera side skirts and track guards, which I can't figure out how they supposed to fit to the new chimera, obviously meant for the old chimera, which the descritpion doesn't hint at, at all. Now I have used some of them and tried to fit on the skirts... when I emailed FW about it they will only let me return the unused ones. I think it is natural you try to fit on the products you buy... so I'm a bit dissapointed, I hope they'll do something about it.