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Saturday, June 26, 2010


US artist Tobacco released a new album "Maniac Meat" at the end of May. If you're not familiar with his work- which you're not in all likelihood- Tobacco is Tom Fec, the front man of Black Moth Super Rainbow (BMSR). As with his other band, Tobacco is centered around a completely analog synth sound recorded on all analog equipment. This makes for a very thick sound that you can't get with digital pro tools bullshit these days. Unlike BMSR, Tobacco is focused on a slightly darker sound and tends to shy away from pop hooks and go more the glitchy electronics that you have probably figured out that I'm into.

2008 saw the release of his first album, "Fucked Up Friends," which was released to quite a lot of critical acclaim and featured a guest appearance by Aesop Rock. That album was great, but if anything the new album surpasses it musically. The synth work is phenomenal as it treads a fine line between playing and sequencing its parts. Beck also joins the show to add guest vocals on 2 of the standout tracks on the album. If you're a fan of Stereolab or Add (n) to X (fair warning on that last video: it's totally NSFW and does actually have nekkid boobs in it, so you're warned that it's the greatest music video of all time), you'll like Tobacco.

Here's the first song off of the newest album "Constellation Dirt Bike Head"

And here is one of the songs featuring Beck- "Fresh Hex"

Last this is "Sweatmother" which somebody has set to 80s aerobic workout tapes for some reason. The first time I hear this I thought my iPod fucked up and had put on NIN's "Terrible Lie" for a second.


Matt Varnish said...

God thats not only 80s exercise videos, I think thats jane fonda. I don't know why, anytime i see girls from that era i can only imagine huge thick bushes down there, and that shit is nasty.

Dethtron said...

must...resist...urge...to make.... sir....mixalot....joke....