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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bonus Poll

Hey ya'll, since it appears to be Brent* Week all over the internet, I thought I'd jump on the Band waggon.

In the FNIF, Round 13 results thread Brent had this to say "I have a feeling I know what the subject is going to be for next week's Fight Night... I hope I win...)" I'm still not 100% certain what he's referring to**, but I'm pretty sure he had hopes of winning, based on his comment. I meant to put him in the poll for this week's FNIF for no reason. Looks like I forgot and by the time I remembered to add him, it was too late. Someone# had already voted and locked out my ability to edit the poll. So Brent, you're getting your own bonus poll this week. I hope you win too. So go vote, or justice dies.

*Exhibit (hey these letters that follow are all links, yo...apparently they're hard to see....)
**But if I had to guess I'd say it involves footdar
# The Dick Move Super Science Forensic team has deliberated and feel that Kennedy is the one to blame here. Way to go dude. Thanks for pooping in my party hat


Chumbalaya said...


Brent said...

Ya, of course it was Footdar.

I was all over that issue - a touch here, a wink there, a friendly gesture in passing, then DOH!

On your knees, bitch!

(What a week.)

You would have noticed Dethtron - of that, I have no doubt. Hell, you were spoiled for choices when it came to angry conversations.

Throw a dart!

I'm voting in my own poll I am.

SandWyrm said...

You might not win the Footdar fight Brent, but you'll look like the sweet voice of reason next to SaarkVanSoor. :)

Here's a possible avatar for him:


Brent said...


Ha! Great pic - my wife happened to be walking by and thought it was real for a moment.

Good stuff.

Ya, I don't know who that dude was but he sunk a ton of time and energy into fighting with you, AP, and TKE.

Just goes to show; there are no winners in Footdar...

The_King_Elessar said...

As I already said - he's the latest Black and Decker to be throwing his epeen around the intarwebz...presumably, he'll wise up and realise he's not a god of gaming soon.
I voted Brent - swinging it 7-6. You owe me! lol

Anonymous said...

any possibility of a link to all of this?

Brent said...

Brother Loring, he did put a link to quite a bit of it - it's just hard to tell.

Click the exhibit letters.

SandWyrm said...

I'll be explicit:


All the fun is near the top of the comments, making it perfect storm of WTF?!?!

Anonymous said...

*fails at observation*

thanks Brent/SandWyrm

Messanger of Death said...

I voted for Brent... but I still can't get the Princess Leia image out of my head.


kennedy said...

Sorry, dude. You know I'm all about dropping a deuce in random places. Actually (true story), I once shit in my buddy's freezer. I had been threatening to do it for months, and he finally said "Nah, you'll never do it." So I did, just to show him.

Totally unprofessional, but absolutely hilarious. Especially when it took him a week to find it.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phalanx said...

SaarkVanSoor seems to be a bit of an idiot. His army apparently has 3 wraithlords with bright lances, multiple units of warwalkers, fire dragons, striking scorpions, wraithguard, multiple units of harlequins, warp spiders, guardians, and is capable of putting guide and fortune on to everything at once?

That would be at least 4 heavy support choices, 5+ or so elites choices, and it would require more than 2 farseers.

IMHO that's his biggest failing- he seems to be assuming that he can have everything in the book at his disposal, changing what he has depending on the situation. If he's against LRs he has three wraithlords, wraith guard, harlequins, and striking scorps. Against IG he has striking scorps, wraithguard, warp spiders, and outflanking warwalkers. Does he have a rule that he can change his army every game depending on the opponent's army or something?

Anonymous said...

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Dethtron said...

thanks julia f. Baca, that's great advice and you totally seem like a real person. Everyone go viagra now...for your boners

Brent said...


I'm so glad that poll is closed, you have no idea.

It turned me into quite the little advertising whore.

Motto: Spread for Bread

Now I've got to find those 24 people who voted Not Brent. Shouldn't be hard, I imagine most of them will be at the flgs tonight.

The_King_Elessar said...

Man, Brent DOES always give me a boner, so that was handy.

Anyway, SaarVanSoor thinks Wraithguard are not only good (Uh - they're not!) but good against Vehicles!!!

Guy fails to understand 5th Edition.