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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FAQ to the Future

Time to jump in your Delorian and get that puppy up to 88.8 mph as fast as you can, the Blood Angels and Tyranids FAQs came out today. Oh wait, everyone with a blog has already talked about this ad nauseum- fuck. Looks like everybody beat me to the punch because I had the most pointless final* ever to study for. I'll cut right to the chase and just throw both of my middle fingers up in the air and shout a big "I told you so" to the members of the gaming community responsible for such Friday Night Internet Fights as the great Mawloc kerfuffle of 2010 and the 2nd annual Demolisher Cannon fest among others. So you're all a bunch of idiots and need to learn the rules better and spot obvious designer oversights. RAI FTW bitches!


* So Econ 403 where 70% of your grade is determined by a series of online quizzes that can be taken an unlimited number of times. Honestly, if I showed up and wrote my name on the final and had drawn a couple of graphs I would have finished the class with a B. Yet people still complained that the class was hard. A course that didn't even scratch the surface of a subject that undergraduate courses look at in detail is hard? Holy shit. So anyway, I think I destroyed that test and am looking forward to my second 100% score in a class as a graduate student. Way to raise the bar on graduate education Roosevelt University.


Chumbalaya said...

We love you Dethtron!

Brent said...

Yup - man-love all the way... bro it out!

I start grad school in the fall; personally, I'm looking forward to classes centered around my career and not having to sit in another required course with a bunch of people who won't end up graduating.

I took Microeconomics in my last semester - having found out literally at the last minute that the course I'd already paid for and taken wouldn't count toward graduation - and... fuck.

A bunch of halfwits it was. It was seriously an embarrassing moment for higher education when dumbed-down material makes the football team sweat.


They just cheated. Naturally.

Anonymous said...

OOh please tell me you're using this in the FINF this week. I just want to see you snowmobile some idiots that stupidly thought Doom affected embarked units and those stupider ones that will now argue that it was "nerfed" for this reason.