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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 14 and Bonus Poll Results Show

Well this week went by fast. Sorry I kind of disappeared there for a bit. I wish I had some exciting story to tell you about what I did with my missing time: I was abducted by aliens or I was in Columbia battling drug lords with my crack team or mercenaries or something.
Sadly, I just needed to finish up some things around the house and I got sucked into True Blood, watching all of Season 2 in 2 days...so many boobs and orgies... But seriously why isn't real life like Bon Tempe, where everyone owns sexy underwear and wears it at all times? Such is the excitingness of my life.

Enough of the minutiae. There was a hell of a fight last week started by Smurfy and Wyddr and finished off by GW's own Tom Kirby of "3++ is the new Black" over whether or not blocking is a viabl tactic. Hint- it is. Things got so out of hand that a few days after Kirby posted his tactica, an article with a decidedly similar theme went up on BoLS. I e-mailed Kirby with the news right away and am slightly saddened that he didn't fly off the handle. I would have been a little butt hurt if somebody tried to steal my Internet thunder like that. It's also kind of sad that nobody noticed that my last few comments on BoLS have just been "fist!" Those of us in the know, IE me, will know that that isn't a typo, but an imperative sentence.

Keeping my promise to Kirby to make sure that the polls were rigged so that he couldn't possibly win, I snuck Footdar and a bunch of other things in there to dilute the votes. Then well-surprise- "Footdar" carried the polls with 30% of the 81 votes. Yeah you heard it right 81 votes...more on the shenanigans that led to that later. It should also be noted that Kirby's paltry 17% lost out to "You seriously think I've got the time to read that whole fucking post" with 24% of the vote. Yeah it was long. So long that it's partly responsible for me not blogging for a few days after that.... seriously that fucker drained me. Trying to edit that thread into a coherent dialogue was a pain in the ass to say the least.

So do I feel bad about stacking the deck against Kirby and Smurfy even though they were right? Hell no. If you answered yes, you clearly haven't been reading this blog. The only thing that I actually feel bad about is that "RIP Dennis Hopper" made a strong showing with 8% of the vote, but my only reference to him in the fight was a line from "Speed," the worst movie ever prior to "Bad Boys II" and "300." To make up for that fact here he is at his best in "Blue Velvet":

Now onto the "Brent?" bonus poll. I had a lot of choice things to say about Brent's campaign- dude seriously, everywhere I turned there was a link back here- but he kind of summed it up with this comment:


I'm so glad that poll is closed, you have no idea.

It turned me into quite the little advertising whore.

Motto: Spread for Bread

Well your time and patience paid off Brent, as you dominated the poll with 70% of the 80 votes. You also probably brought 2 new readers out this way, so thanks for that. So even though Brent won, the real winner is me and the people that will now be basking in my awesome radiance. No I'm not conceded, not in the least. Well at least I'm not calling myself an Internet celebrity, lol. One last thing- it's Dethtron, not Deathtron, Breant. Get it right!


Brent said...

Yea, yea - I know your nic; my apologies for typing too fast and messing it up.

I blame it on exhaustion brought on by dropping to my knees every time I saw the opportunity.

By the by, I laughed when I saw 'Fist!' I knew it wasn't a typo.

So, does Strictly Average at least get a link? Maybe I can no longer say I don't suck after this last week of 'favors' but c'mon!

Help a brother out.

Chumbalaya said...

Aww, Not Brents, we were sooo close. Maybe next year.

Dethtron said...

Brent: I've been meaning to add a few sites to that section, but have been lazy about it. now that you have asked, though, you will need to attone for your past sins such as the Stormbuster conversion and fucking up my name :) say my name again!

chumby: maybe next year you can run to remove him from the office of brent

Anonymous said...

"Yeah you heard it right 81 votes...more on the shenanigans that led to that later.

You getting lazy on us Dethtron?

The_King_Elessar said...

All hail Brent!

Damon said...

Will you have conceded that the word you should have used is conceited?


Welcome back. 40K isn't the same without you, Deadpool.

Kirby said...

I'm waiting for an e-mail asking if I'm trying to impersonate Tom or if I really am Tom. Anyday now (the ironic thing is my middle name is Tomas lol).

I hate rigged polls but what can you do. My Eldar poll got more votes & pretty sure Vinsanity's LoT one did to so...eat it!

Ya Jwolf stole it but I linked mine in the comments. I like how when BoLS posts "good" tactics, there aren't 5000 comments but when it's shit everyones like OMG this is the bestests.

Dethtron said...

@K.blas- not getting lazy, just let my already lax proofreading slip a little today. Where is that damn hollywood continuity gilr when I need her? basically what I forgot to add in was that Brent went crazy linking to "Dick Move" in every post/comment he made for 5 days straight. But then again I just said more on this later. I never said how much later....

@Kirby- no shit your polls get more votes than mine. You have more readers and are adding value to the gaming community. What do I have? Lolz and swearing?

Brent said...

Hell, I was impressed by 80. I know that only a small fraction of the readers will bother to vote, so getting 80 represented a huge number of people to weed through to find the 1 in 10 who'd bother to click something real quick.

God bless 'em. I would have hated to lose a poll with only me in it.

I'm still hurt that Chumby, everyone's staunch supporter, voted against me!

Kirby said...

I only get 1500 visits a day, that's a paltry %! Your % is like 90 :P. And you add to the community...well good old fashioned ammusement. Like Stelek is trying to do w/all those drama posts.

Phalanx said...

The Not Brents will claim victory next time!