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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will This Be My Final Fantasy?

Looks like it's more or less official. The fluff bunnies have won the day. Just take a gander at this BoLS Lounge thread to see what I mean. As credible information has begun to leak out about the upcoming WFB 8th ed. release, two of my biggest fears have been confirmed:

  1. Percentages are back in army creation
  2. Random charge distances
Well fuck you very much GW.

Let's look at the 2nd point 1st, shall we... So way to take all of the strategery out of the game assholes. Without reliably being able to judge your charge distance, we have now bottled up one of the most important moves in the game into a random dice roll. A fucking random fucking dice fucking roll for fuck's sake. What the fuck? How is that supposed to help create a competitive environment? Just in case that wasn't bad enough, if rumors are true combat is majorly skewed towards the charger. So really combat is largely even more random than before, since getting into it now hinges on a roll.

Then we get to the percentages. Way to invalidate every single army book in print, assholes. Also, take a look at the basics: minimum 3 troops and 25% of army, max 25% in all other categories, and no more than 2 of the same rare choice. So you listened to all the idiots who favor comp and fucked over the game. Way to go douche bags. Now we're stuck with an antiquated system that favors some armies while royally fucking over others. Well 45 Skaven Warlock Engineers in one army here I come.... So if you want us to use more core units, why not take a note from 40k? Make scenarios that require core units to "score" or something like that. What you are giving us is an abomination.

Anything else of interest that we get? Yeah, god damn sea monsters. Yes, you aren't hallucinating*; there are rules for sea monsters in the book. All in all it looks like GW is throwing solid gaming fundamentals out the window for the Umami that is "fun." Yes, that's right we are now having narrative gaming forced further down our throats at the heart of a core system. Didn't you learn anything after the sales of your last few 40k supplements? Not all gamers like your "narrative is fun" system. Way to miss out on an opportunity to create a game that could have sustained fluff bunnies and the not-fluff bunnies alike.

At the end of the day I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the bits and pieces for my Empire and Skaven armies that I've been amassing over the last year. Not sure that it's worth playing at this point.


Ishamael said...

If this what Fantasy is going to be, I'm not about to fork over the alleged 75 USD price tag to play a game that I'm not going to have fun with. Guess my Dwarfs are bending over to take it some more. Maybe I can find some person on the interwebs that would like to take them out of my hands.

I thought 5th ed of 40k was supposed to be some sort of positive indicator for all of GW's products. Fooled me.

Herald of Nurgle said...

Forgive me oh great Dethtron for I have sinned.

DFM said...

7th edition still works :D

Randroid said...

I'm holding back any judgement calls until I see the final rules.

Not sure what you mean about the charging having the advantage? All combat will be Ini based. Charging gets you a whopping +1 to CR. That one change makes the movement +d6 charging much easier to handle I think.

Chumbalaya said...

Charging isn't as big of a deal any more, just +1 to CR.

I like the fact that I actually get to use my infantry rather than have 5 models fight and 20 more take up space. 40 Spear rats here I come!

Random distances are fucktarded, as are army percentages, but at least the former isn't as debilitating as once thought latter isn't as restrictive as initially projected.

I can predict that in time, the good scenarios will be distilled out of the morass of Apocrap Fantasy style and we'll finally get a variety of missions.

Not sold on the edition yet, but like hell I'm paying 75 bucks for that book. Waiting for the mini-book.

Hoagy said...

You know a small rip in the time space continuum opened up just over Tennessee with all the cussing in that post, son. lol!

Well, buggery fuck! what am I supposed to do with a LM army and a TK army if you ditch yours?? wah! can't we play 7th edition?

I have to say, I wasn't impressed with what I saw for the price. The leatherbound version looks nice tho...

Dethtron said...

Ok, so i probably will at least finish one of my two proposed armies. Now as to whether I'll bother switching to 7th...well we'll have to wait and see on that one.

I don't have anything against the price of the book. It's expensive, but given it's hugeness and the fact that it's full color I get it. Now why they aren't simultaneously launching an "economy version" I don't understand. They've done softcover/hardcover releases in the past and it sure as hell is working for privateer right now. bah.

kennedy said...

Yep, Fantasy is damn near officially dead to me as well. I don't even think I can unload what little bit of stuff I have on ebay, however. Oh well.

Kirby said...

Wasn't Fantasy already dead? Guess I'm not getting into it now lol.

Anonymous said...

"A fucking random fucking dice fucking roll for fuck's sake. What the fuck?"

A Fuck fuck here...A Fuck fuck there...

I purposely just bought an Ogre Kingdoms army. Haha laugh it up but I could care a shit storm less about the viability of Fantasy. Is it fun? I don't know yet, but whatever dude.

Oh and I'm a House-dad. 75 fucking US American Dollars!!! Fuck! They do know that the economy is hella failing in Greece right? Shit. Get it together GW.

Von said...

A GW staffer tried to sell me the Limited Collector's leather-bound parchment edition the other day.

I'm there, and all, like, "eighty quid is beyond my means dude, especially for something I'd be using and may well trash", and he says to me "well, that's why you buy the regular one as well and keep the limited edition for just looking at."

Head, meet desk. If eighty quid is already beyond my means, what is a hundred and twenty five quid and owning two of something I need one of? Answers on a postcard. Does he think I'm lying to him and secretly rolling in money?

I don't blame them for pulling the hard sell - Workshop is a business et cetera et cetera - but for fuck's sake, you're having enough trouble making me accept that the buy-in cost for your game has just grown by half as much again. Thankfully I only really need a rulebook this time out, but still!

Roland Durendal said...

Oh man I remember fantasy in 3rd Ed when it had percentages. It all sorts of fucked up my army lists, as I was always going back and being like "wait, is this 25%? Shit! It's 27%!!! Now I have to cut something out..."

Ahhh yes 3rd ED Empire...the glory days.

Guess this means I'm putting off starting my Wood Elves for a bit longer

The_King_Elessar said...

Percentages are ghey.

Random movement all the time is bollocks.

However, the OTHER mail order only Rulebook deal, is actually quite the saving. ALMOST makes it worthwhile. Why don't we just play 5e (WFB), it was better, no? I hope 5e isn't the peak for both games...