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Friday, June 18, 2010

Special Delivery

Hey kids, guess what showed up today.  Give up?  My forgeworld order.  Now I can get my Elysians up and running for real.  After almost a year of dicking around with them, I think I may be able to have them ready to go by early August.  I'll post pics when there done. 

And remember those Chimera doors that they weren't going to ship me because they aren't making them anymore?  The ones that they already sent me other product to replace... Well looky what showed up in my box-

Now I'm all about getting free shit, but seriously GW/FW- if you need to hire a consultant to un-fuck your processes and best practices, that offer is still on the table; I'm not doing anything right now. 


Chumbalaya said...

Well bully for you.

The CPT said...

If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will gladly accept said free Chimera doors as a means of assuaging your anger.

DFM said...

nice, they send you replacement chimera doors, and you hang them from the fishtank?

Dethtron said...

@dfm- lol I decided to take pictures in the most random places possible. I'm kind of surprised that nobody has said anything about the lawn gnome in the first pic. I was trying to coax gigantor, my 10 year old angelicus synodontis catfish, out into the shot, but it was to no avail. fun fact, for the first 3 years I owned him, I did not see him once. Best $100 I ever spent...

DFM said...

meh, the garden gnome was a weak attempt imo thats probably why it didn't get any action.

I'm dying without a fishtank up here. Only a few more months till I can get my setup started. Debating whether to finally attempt my marine Tank, or just stick with a freshwater setup. Either way, 110Gallon extra-tall tank is the way im going.

The CPT said...

I just assumed the gnome came with the FW order and was a stompa or something.