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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 15 Results Show

Huzzah, the polls came back on-line at some point over the last few days. That being said, it didn't really matter, because it was pretty clear who won that fight- NOBODY!
 Much as I expected, even though ze_poodle was technically correct*, his debating skills were so poorly developed that he was only able to garner 26% of the 56 votes this week. "Whoever wins, society loses," however, was able to carry the day with 57% of the vote while everybody else, socially inept and wrong as they were, got at least a single vote.

As far as the bonus poll is concerned, it you guys have spoken loudly and expressed our desire- MORE TITS! That being said, for the very few of you that took things seriously have let me know that I need to go back to editing FNIF into a conversation sans quoted text. Ask and ye shall receive.

As a bonus for those of you who don't have enough titties in your life, I give you this-


*the best kind of correct

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