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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Name Game Part II: Revenge of Blogger, this time it's personal

So big EFF U to blogger, as no polls are working. So FNIF is jacked up as is my poll about tank naming. I had a third poll up about the structure of FNIF, but you guys made it very clear what needs to happen: more titties.

We had enough votes in to get a pretty definitive winner of FNIF, so I'll announce that Friday as expected with or without a poll.

I don't think we got a good sample of naming my tanks yet, so use the comments section here if you have an opinion and I will add them to the scores as I remember them. If you don't have an opinion, do you have any good jokes?

I'm also a bit sad that nobody seems to have figured out the name theme yet- so hop to it guys.

Here are the choices of names for the tanks:

  1. Squealer
  2. Go Down
  3. Gone Shootin
  4. Kicked in the teeth
  5. Up to My Neck in You
  6. Breaking the Rules
  7. Snowballed
  8. Got you by the Balls
  9. Stiff Upper Lip


SandWyrm said...

Anyone here read Ian M. Banks' culture novele? He always comes up with such nifty names for his Sentient warships.

Such as:

Nervous Energy
Prosthetic Conscience
Irregular Apocalypse
Just Read The Instructions
Of Course I Still Love You
Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence
Gunboat Diplomat
Fate Amenable To Change
It's Character Forming
Problem Child
Attitude Adjuster
Ethics Gradient
Ultimate Ship The Second
It'll Be Over By Christmas
Arrested Development
Just Another Victim Of The Ambient Morality
Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again
All The Same, I Saw It First
Inappropriate Response
Lapsed Pacifist
Eight Rounds Rapid
You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave

The_King_Elessar said...

I think you should call them "Rocking all the way" and "Spoilin' for a fight"

Failing that, Gone shootin and stiff upper lip.

@Sandwyrm - I have read one of them thought it fairly good. Keep meaning to read some more of his, give it a proper look.

Surreptitious Muffin said...

^^ My favourite was always "I said, I have a big stick."

But uh...one vote for Stiff Upper Lip. Very guard. I like.

Rkik said...

I assume you already have a Rosie :D

I can definitely see why AC/DC titles would make good tank names. Personally I'd go with Squealer and Gone Shootin from that list.

Tinkling Koala said...

I second Squealer and Gone Shootin.

Damon said...

Snowballed and Stiff Upper Lip.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few more...

Hell's Bells
Night Prowler
The Jack
Bonny (from Live 92')
Hail Caesar
Riff Raff
Sin City
Soul Stripper

Hoagy said...

I originally chose Kicked in the Teeth and Breaking the Rules on yer poll. You'd also told me waaaay back about the ACDC connection, so I didn't want to spoil it for the readers of Dick :)

Brent said...

Re: names, I like Stiff Upper Lip. I missed the connection and firstm and was going to suggest Dirty Sanchez or something.

My mind is in the gutter.

Sandwyrm: I've been meaning to check them out - worth the read?

DFM said...

Take a AC/DC song, add the letter R and you get awesomeness in "Brain Shaker".

Dethtron said...

@Brent- now you're making me want a bunch of tanks named after sexual positions. Look out, here comes pink sock and his pal snowmobile. Oh no, it's reverse cowgirl on you flanks....

@DFM- one of my basilisks is already named brain shake. good try, though

SandWyrm said...


Yeah, worth the read. Start with "Player of Games", it's his best. There's no real order to them anyhow.

SandWyrm said...


You HAVE to name a tank of yours "Dirty Sanchez".