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Monday, May 24, 2010

Elysian Airborne Guard

Finally got my grubby hands on Imperial Armour 8. Missing rules and the usual typos aside, it's given me the impetus to finish my Elysian force that I've been working on for nearly a year.
I originally set out to complete the force using the Codex Imperial Guard list, since the IA3 or 4 Elysian list was so outdated. While I can still run the regular list, I'll be rocking the FW version most of the time, since it does what I want it to do more efficiently (namely, Valkyries don't need to be in a squadron and are dedicated transports; sentinels also change FOC positions...TWICE!).

I am listening to Wagner while writing this. It is quite necessary for you to have it playing as well while you are reading this....

Before reading on please note the following:
  • Elysians don't get autocannons for HW squads or anything else really (except aircraft). Sort of a kick in the nuts, but I'll work with it.
  • Infantry squads do not get heavy weapons, but can take a single special weapon, a demo charge, and a auxiliary grenade launcher (think combi-krak launcher). I don't take much advantage of this, but it could be cool to try out demo charges.
  • CCS and PCS only get 1 special and 1 heavy weapon (CCS only) as well as some other neat kit, like the lascutter (think 3xS power fist). Sort of a kick in the nuts vs. my previous list, but at this point the PCS and CCS in my list will basically only have the goal of giving orders to HW squads and being a scoring unit (PCS).
  • Everything except Tauros vehicles (which can be transported by Sky Talons and Valkyrie, in the case of the 4 wheeled one) can deep strike. Yes, even sentinels can deep strike. Infantry cost 1 point more per man vs. the IG codex.
  • Elysians have no access to any tracked vehicles or Psykers.
Here is my list for you guys to look at. It's my first pass with the new Elysian list, so C&C are welcome. Since it's a FW list I'm not going to be able to "compete" with it, so I'm a little less concerned with competitiveness than normal, but still want to field something solid.

CCS missile launcher 70

~officer of the fleet 30

Sentinel squadron 2x sentinel with multi-melta 100

Sentinel squadron 2x sentinel with multi-melta 100

PCS 35

~squad GL 65
~squad GL 65
~squad GL 65
~commissar 35
~HW squad 3x missile launcher 95
~HW squad 3x missile launcher 95
~Sentinel squadron 2x sentinel with multi-melta 100

Veterans , 2x melta, flamer; shotguns 105
~Valkyrie ML, MRP 130

Veterans , 2x melta, flamer; shotguns 105
~Valkyrie ML, MRP 130

Veterans , 2x melta, flamer; shotguns 105
~Valkyrie ML, MRP 130

Fast Attack
Vendetta HB sponsons 140

Vendetta HB sponsons 140

Tauros Venator squadron 3x Venator w/ 2x H-K missile each, TL Lascannon 255

Heavy Support
Nothing at all lol

Total: 2000 points on the dot

That's it. I originally had demolitions on all the veterans, but couldn't float the 90 points needed for them. Plus I don't know how much that was really adding in terms of killing power anyway.

Quick breakdown of firepower:
  • 9 TL Lascannon
  • 6 Multi meltas
  • 6 Melta guns
  • 7 Missile Launchers, 6 Hunter-killer missiles
  • 3 flamers
  • 3 Multi lasers
  • 6 Multiple rocket pods

The entire army has scout and/or deep strike, so look out. With an officer of the fleet, I don't have to deploy if you give me a reason not to.

The Vendettas and Tauros Squad have a shitload of early game firepower. With scouting fast vehicles, look out for first turn side shots on your vehicles. Plus I couldn't care less if any of those vehicles survive. Sentinels Deep Strike and kill vehicles. One of the 3 Sentinel Squadrons is in the troops section because they can be. I was making room for more sentinels originally, but it was not to be. I guess if I wanted I could split them into 2 units of 2 each and 2 units of 1 each.

The blob squad can deepstrike. I can't imagine trying to place 31 deep strikers, but it could happen. They will either get deployed on an objective or come in from reserve to swarm objectives, providing me a bubble wrap to protect anything that I wanna protect. I do kind of like the idea of just stretching them across the board after deep striking, to block movement and provide cover.... this is something I'll have to play to figure out. But most likely they'll be wrapping my missile launcher squads. Since I can't take Auto or Lascannons, this was the next best thing. As long as my CCS is near them to TL everything they should be fine.

No upgrades in the PCS you say. Well, it's pretty much not worth it and with the points I had left (0), I couldn't cut anything to get them some kit. So now they are a 5 man scoring/order giving unit. The good thing here is they have an approximate threat rating of 0.0000000001000002, so are quite likely to survive the game and claim an objective. They can sneak a Turn 4 ride in a Vendetta to rush an objective. Hooray for hiding usefulness behind a mask of mediocrity.

Veterans obviously rush forward and get out to wreck your transports. Should have no problem getting melta range on turn 1. Valkyries take care of any troops that get blasted out of transports and I can charge what's left if I need them tied up. The trick is that you scout all the way across the board and end your move with the ramp facing your enemy's models. Then you can get your vets out before the Valk moves again and still legally charge if you need to. Alternatively you can put the valk in the way of your Vets making it impossible for them to be charged.


Chumbalaya said...

I know nothing of FW, but IG drop troops are hella cool.

Honda said...

I too am using IA8 as the motivation I need to finish my Elysians. A couple of comments, mostly based on IA3's list, which is what I am used to playing (my IA8 hasn't arrived yet).

1. Don't discount the effect that massed demo charges can have. I intend to model the IA2 list as much as I can, except where I can do better with IA8.

2. When you have Vendettas, do you really want to put so much anti-tank fire in things that only hit half of the time (i.e. Sentinels). In IA3, I always took the heavy bolter version of the Sentinel and they ended up supporting my troops fairly well. I don't know if the IA8 version gets the HB or not, but if it does, you just might think about that. They play havoc with FW's :D

3. Hmm, no Vultures. Is that because of available models? When they were flyers in IA3, you could take things like armored cockpit and chaff launcher to give them some durability. Are those options still possible?

4. Playtesting results aside, the rest of your stuff looks fairly solid.

5. I got some of the dune buggies (both versions)as well, but I'm waiting to see how they do. I'm currently thinking I'll outfit them more for anti-personnel vs. anti-tank.

I can hardly wait to take these guys for a spin.



The_King_Elessar said...

Do Venators get Autocannons? AC FTW.

Anonymous said...

I love the Tauros models... but holy crap were they a pain to put together...

Here's my version:

I was really pissed at FW for not putting up any kind of experimental rules for them though... for a while it said "hey we'll have them up soon.." then "piss off and wait for IA8"

At any rate, I ended up listening to Wagner last night while paiting thanks to this post...

So now in addition to your other accomplishments, you can add "inspires culture in others" to the list.

Roland Durendal said...

Dethtron, I hate your for:

a). getting IA8 before me
b). posting this awesome review before me

With that said, as much as I'd like to bring back my IA3 Elysians,'m going to use it to tweak my Vet list.
Namely have several badass Vet squads flying in their own independent Valks, backed up by a few Vends in FA and some Vults in HS. This may change though as I REALLY want to play with the Venator and the GL/HF version one they have.

Actually I'm going to use this to revamp my old map campaign army I had:

I had something like 6000pts split between 3 different forces: 2 regular AirCav forces comprised of normal grunts, and 1 AirCav force of all Vets. Might have to bring this army into IA8 edition now.

Dethtron said...

roland, I don't want to totally blow your mind, but Venators (the 4 wheeler) can take Valkyries as a dedicated transport.

actually hang on....if you played your cards right, it looks like you could fit 57 Valkyries into one list.

send me a vulture heavy list when you get a chance, I'm curious about those.