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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Name Game

Just in case you were worried that I don't actually play or model, I'm going to throw something of a hobby article your way tonight.
I just got and assembled a pair of the new Leman Russ tank kits in the mail today. Since I already have 8 regular Leman Russes, I assembled these as Eradicators (since the other variants are the suck).

Follow this link for a full WIP thread that will be updated until they are done. I should have them finished by Friday. In case you didn't know, I paint fast. I'm not the greatest, but I can hold my own and make up for my marginal skills by actually being able to finish painting entire armies- nearly all of my 12k+ points of IG is painted.

Anyway the picture above is the first tank to which I've added some extra stowage. Here is a pic of the 2nd tank.

Now this is where you come in. I need names for these tanks. I've already got a theme going (see if you can figure out what it is- it started as a joke, but turned out to be quite possibly the best theme for tank names ever...nearly 30 tanks in and still not at a loss for quality names), but can't decide on names for these two tanks. So hit up the the poll on your right to vote on names for these two guys. Since there are two tanks, you should be able to vote twice, unless I fuck something up. Thanks for the help and enjoy....


Kirby said...

Snowballed, without a dobut.

The CPT said...

Um, hmmm...'snowballed' might have a bit of a negative connotation. Clerks, anyone?

The CPT said...

Oh, and "Hurr, why don't you have sponsons on your tanks!?"

Dethtron said...

CPT: I was actually tempted to put sponsons on them, but decided against it at the last second, when I realized that additional weapons would screw up my mojo. Specifically, since the eradicator cannon ignores cover and anything else but flamers that could go on the tank wouldn't, it leaves you open for all kinds of wound allocation shenanigans and reduces the effectiveness of the cannon.

thought about putting triple heavy flamers on for a minute ,too but really wouldn't ever get to use them, since I can't move and fire everything.

DFM said...

you want us to pick from

"Google Error"
"Not Found"
"The requested URL"?

I'd have to go with Not Found.

Without knowing the 30 you've already used, It's kinda hard to pick something. I know the theme,just not the already taken.