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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IA8 Elysian List Review Part the First: Introduction and What's Unique

With the release of the feeble FAQ today, I have rekindled my enthusiasm for how awesome the new Elysian list in IA8 is. Prompted by some comments from Stelek, I decided that I'd try my hand at Dick Move's first (and likely only) ever Codex review.
Since I do not have any illusions about being an upper-level mediocre player, I tend to avoid analysis like this when at all possible. But, given the nature of this list being expensive to get your hands on and not technically legal, nobody else if really talking about it much. This is a damn shame.

For that very reason, I will give my two cents on the codex. As I wouldn't consider myself a master tactician, I'll try and leave a lot of the tactical side out of things and only offer an opinion when I'm pretty damn sure I'm right. The rest will be me explaining unit features as thoroughly as legally possible.

Like most reviewers, I'll break this down by FOC category, but will start with something slightly different- unique items and equipment. I think that this will yield a better introduction to just how different the Elysian list is than the regular codex: IG list.

Let's get started, why not?

What's So Damn Unique About These Elysians, Anyway?

Lots of stuff. For Starters, they have some unique rules.

  • All infantry have "iron discipline" which allows units within 6" of an officer to regroup even if under half strength. Kind of neat even if there already is an order for that. I guess it may be useful for those times when you just don't have an order to spare or when you want to regroup a unit and give them "first rank..." or some other order. Regardless, this does not help you pull shenanigans with going to ground in your opponents turn and getting ordered back into the game in your turn. You still need orders for that.
  • Deep-strike on just about everything. With only a few exceptions, every single unit in the list can deep-strike. This comes at a price as the list loses some pieces of gear as you'll find out as this series goes on and you will pay a 1 point premium per guy. This means a veteran squad, for example, will cost ten points more than a Codex: IG veteran squad, but can deep strike.
  • Some transports can carry vehicles. More on this as the series goes on, but this feature is pretty unique to this list and BAs.

The Elysians also have some unique gear that will show up in multiple units. So as to avoid explaining each piece a million times, I'll go over everything here so you can refer back to it, if needed.

Homing beacon- Allows a re-roll any deep stikers within 12". Although expensive at the cost of a melta gun each, these are just about a must have if you're going to be relying on deep strikers in your army. With most units and several vehicles able to carry these, squeezing one or two in shouldn't be a problem.

Lascutter- This is basically a 3x Strength power fist for the price of a melta-gun. This means that IG can now reliably punch tanks. What's not to like? It hits harder than a power fist and costs less. Only problem is that it's never a character upgrade, only a unit upgrade. So sadly it can only be put on single wound models. You also don't get a charge bonus on it, so you never get more than one swing a turn with it. Not the end of the world, but something well worth considering.

Auxiliary Grenade Launchers- This is a really neat piece of gear. It is essentially an under-slung grenade launcher for Lasguns. The weapon, much like combi-X bolters is a single shot addition giving you a 12" range krak grenade with assault. Great for taking extra shots at light armor, or softening up an enemy you want to charge, especially since IG normally barely get to shoot anything prior to an assault. At 3 points each it's a pretty good value, but is really a weapon that only works in multiples. If you take one in a squad it will likely not do anything. If you take 10 (some squads can) look out whatever the hell you just shot at! You'll wound most infantry on a 2+ and give anything with AV10 or 11 something to sweat about.

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