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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hypocrite of the Week; Project Mayhem

Somebody was kind enough to send me a link to this BoLS article, so that I might witness a the trip into the depths of hell that is the comments section. 
The article itself is a pretty banal, slow news day style article.  I actually feel sort of bad for Goatboy for having to write this.  It's a shame that somebody with some actual tactical sense and list building prowess continually gets the "let's go check out the baby pandas at the zoo" assignments or the "vague open ended editorial to drive page views via inflammatory comments" style assignments. 

Now there's a ton of shit  that I could pick on in the article or the comments section.  Fuck, there's more stupidity than I could shake a stick at.  I'll try and keep this short, though.  I'm tired and it's noisy in my house* right now.  Anybody remember Zingbaby from FNIF, Round 17?  No?  Well here are some things that he said a few weeks ago:

"I'm not having any trouble with any list personally...

...and again for the last time, for yet another retard that can't read - I'm not losing to those lists and that is the farthest thing from my beef... but I'm certain you have too much Pwonage$$ to understand what I'm saying here anyway"

Arrogant, pompous, boastful, aggressive, and stupid- what's not to love?  Well that was about 3 weeks ago now.  Let's see what his tune is this week:

"I rarely win with my army, but I always have fun... and I know I could make a more efficient list and likely win more if I wanted to. "

Well have fun being a huge fucking hypocrite.  It sucks when somebody uses your own words to make you look like an ass.  This is why Internet anonymity is stupid.  You can say just about anything you want to about yourself without the risk of being fact checked**- I created the Internet, John Holmes was my father, and I own a Caribbean Island- one of the major ones. 

With that in mind, your homework for the week is to either fuck with Zingbaby*** or make the most ludicrous boast you can think of on a forum or blog.  Send me your results along with your screen name, a picture proving you are not Tom Kiryb#, and a link to wherever the mayhem has ensued to sodoffdethtron@gmail.com .  The funniest posts will be featured here over the weekend, unless I don't get any submissions again.

*our handyman of dubious citizenship status is installing a garbage disposal.  Haven't had one of these in many many years.  I'm excited.

**unless your name is stelek, of course

***Now, I am not encouraging you to go out there and post his real identity and address and then send pizzas to him or male prostitutes or anything, but if that did happen, I'd lol.

# This only applies to Kirby.  All others do not have to send in a picture unless they want to.


Chumbalaya said...

My life for Auir

Brent said...

Man, Dethtron, I'm not sure how you keep up with all the many contestants who've appeared on the FNF (or FNIF as some people - like you - like to call them...) but that's not why I stopped by.

I hit 100 baby! I win! You lose! Not Brent fails again!

It doesn't matter that I had a huge head start, your tagline scared the crap out of me.

How bad would it have been if you'd managed to hit 100 before me? With the miscreants who populate your readership just looking for another chance to break the Brent / Not Brent tie, I was worried it might actually happen.

With a great deal of relief,


Dethtron said...

Shit man, I was hoping to fly down to Texas just to throw confetti in your face when I won. I guess that's what I get for throwing out a challenge when you were 30 followers ahead of me...

Lauby said...

you know, Brent... if I were to unfollow you with both my gmail accounts you'd be back down below 100.




Chumbalaya said...

"Followers- Click here, if I get to 100 AFTER Brent, Not Brent wins"

lol, I love you dethtron.

The_King_Elessar said...


Project Mayhem is funsies.

Kirby said...

You should have a new quickie poll.

What sign should Kirby take to Lords of Terra to prove he is Kirby and not Tom Kirby unless he is warping the space time continum to such dimensions where he can appear younger, athletic, attractive, sleep-deprived and really white and not be Tom Kirby but just fool you all with a silly illusion.

Open to suggestions :).

Brent said...

Lauby... please don't. I have a delicate constitution!

Dethtron has kept me hoping, first with whoring myself out to beat Not Brent the first time, then with trying to hit 100 before Project Mayhem caught up with me somehow.

'Cause you people could have put your heads together and figured something out, I have no doubt!

I'm starting to get jumpy...

The_King_Elessar said...

I should Project Mayhem Brent! What a great idea Brent! Cheers!

DFM said...

meh, too tired to fuck with him.

That and I don't feel like reading the word douche 200 times in the next two days. Or spending that much time on BOLS. Seriously,stop fucking dragging us(me?)into that cesspool, lol.

Now i'm off to mold my fluff bunny and WAAC mindsets into little clay figures and set them in the kids wrestling ring and have a little 40k deathmatch, and by that I mean get my 5th hour of sleep in the past 2 days.

Brent said...

Holy shit - TKE, did you Project Mayhem me?

You wrote something nice on my blog... I should have been suspicious, instead I bought it!



The_King_Elessar said...

Not yet. That one was me being nice. :)