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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where in the World is Carmen---- Erm I mean Dethtron?

Been absent from the blogosphere for a couple days longer than I anticipated and I failed to get a project mayhem post up.  Well there are a lot of reasons for that.  Want to see some victim statements?

The Good
  • Going to a job interview in about an hour.  A google search of the company yielded lots of warnings about how horrible they are to work for and how it may be a scam.  This should be interesting but good interviewing practice for...
  • Found a job posting through school for a company that I am actually interested in and a position that is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.  I also know one of the VPs there and am completely qualified for the position.  Looking good.
  • Been asked to apply for a position with, ironically, the company I was laid off from.  Not an ideal proposition, as I'm trying to get out of that line of work, but it's good to have a plan B.
  • Saw Inception* last night.  It was pretty damn good and a refreshing change of pace from the shit that normally comes out in the summer.
  • Got in a game of 40k with my nids against my buddy Evan.
  • I won that game
  • I got a new snare drum.  The Pork Pie percussion Big Black is pretty amazing for the price and stacked up very favorably to the Ludwig Supraphonic Black Beauty.
The Bad
  • My old Premier snare drum broke.  It was manufactured in the UK.  They no longer distribute to the US directly.  Apparently the UK has terrible customer service across the board (see also my various rants about Forge World).  I have emailed them 3 times including a part number and pictures of the broken piece (a lug that should cost less than $10 but is rendering the entire drum unplayable) and have not yet received a reply.  I have the Massacres Farewell show next weekend and will be hitting the studio to record an EP with my new band, Crusader, in September.  This all requires an operable snare drum. 
  • ....and then my basement flooded.  In spite of all of the gear (2 of my drum kits- but not my really nice ones, a PA system, and two amps) that was out, nothing was damaged that I am yet aware of.  Cleaning up everything was a bitch though and quite nerve wracking.  I also lost ALLof my Battletech books and maps as they were on a plastic shelf that apparently tipped over when it started floating.  Looks like I won't be playing battletech any time soon**.  Some Tau also received a bath in the incident, but they aren't painted yet, so fuck 'em.
That's about it for now.  I'll post some further musings on life, the universe, and everything when I get back from my pointless interview this afternoon.

*One gripe though regarding Christopher Nolan.  It seems like whenever he writes for himself he winds up, I don't know, not exactly blatantly plagiarizing other artists, but at least producing highly derivative works.  Memento?  Yeah I liked that better when it was called the Winter Sleepers several years earlier.  Inception could have been any PK Dick novel.  I know this has come up here a lot lately, but it's very true in this case.  For a while one of the top google searches regarding the movie was "what PK Dick novel was Inception based on."  I also came away from it perplexed by a few things like: why do people say the plot was confusing- it was complicated but not too bad?  There were also a few pretty blatant plot holes and continuity issues throughout the movie.  Well it had a good ending though, which is more than I can say for stupid Crazy Heart.  If you liked the Wrestler but wished it had a happy ending or if you hate movies, rent Crazy Heart.

**If you would like to make a donation to the Dick Move Institute of Robot Fighting Technology, please let me know.I


Chumbalaya said...

Flooded basements FTL. I lost my 3rd edition 40k rulebook that way, along with couch, chair and bed (went away to Europe for a month, came back to mushrooms and mold...)

GMort. said...

I once dropped my mobile phone down the toilet.

Now I come to think about it, it seems a bit lame compared to yours and Chumbalayas stories...

Brent said...

Man, I'm really sorry to hear that. People are self-centered, almost by definition, so I couldn't help but thinking you were concocting some Project Mayhem master plan that would somehow make me a miserable whore for a week.


Obviously you've had real shit to contend with. Good luck with the job hunt, my man.

Does your band tour? I've been itching to hit some shows sometime soon. One of my mates from England is in the band The Fillers, so I've been seriously considering a vacation to see them play live.

I'll stop typing now.

k.Blas said...

Talking about PKD, you should check out the movie Visoneers. It's a peculiar film, but reminded me many times of Mr. Dick and his weird way going about happiness life in general.

Messanger of Death said...

I found Inception brain dead boring. Ended up spending half the movie thinking about what I would do when I got home... nothing confusing about it.

And on a slightly different note. Why doesn't the Dick Move image have a flame template included?


The_King_Elessar said...

Good luck with the interviews Dethtron.

Damon said...

Agree with Messanger. Inception was just dull. Too long, lame dialog lamely repeated over and over again while lamely delivered by that lame DiCaprio. (Man, can that guy just not act. I have never believed a word of what any of his characters have ever said in any of his movies.)

And oddly, too much action for an action movie. It did just about nothing for the movie. Remove half of it, you get exactly the same movie. That's bad.

Also agree with Dethtron about how unconfusing it was. Again: bored silly. And the constant repetition made it incredibly easy to follow. Too easy. I was expecting an experience similar to when I caught the first Matrix fresh in the theatre. Now *that* was a trip.

Best of luck on your job interview(s). Sounds like things are looking up! Worth celebrating these days....

Dethtron said...

g.mort: it's only lame if you're still using that phone ;/

messanger: totally was planning on trying to work a flamer template in there. if anybody is good at digital art (hint, I'm not) fee free to have a go at a new banner. the one I've got now was just meant to be a test...but I still think it's great Lauby, thanks again

Messanger/Damon: when I woke up after writing this post I thought of a few more issues I had with the movie- one of which is a major plot hole regarding the ending (not the ::spoiler alert:: "if they're 80 yrs old in limbo why are they young again when they kill themselves" issue, but something regarding the top. If DiCraprio's character had gone back to the original layer of reality in which he planned the Inception with Saito et all, why does the top fall at the beginning of the movie but (presumably) continue to spin at the end in the same reality? derp. still a good watch if you're tired of endless remakes and other shitty summer movies, but could have been better. The movie's not that deep, you're just that stupid.

Damon said...

I prefer my stupid movies enjoyably stupid. A-Team has been my favorite movie so far this year. I pity the fool hasn't seen it.