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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wanted to do something a little bit different today and present a list that I had kicking around in my head about a year ago.  I then committed it to paper and wasn't happy enough with the results to bother putting it together. Fast forward to today and I revisited it to make a few minor tweaks and now I think I have something I'm happy with.

For a quick background on the insanity that is my "Psych!" list, I totally get off on the ludicrous.  In Magic the Gathering I strove to create deck's that won through ludicrous combos or alternate win condition (man did I love the shit out of dragon storm decks or insane goblin snipers shooting like 50 times*).  To prevent myself from rambling, let's just say that I get off on combos, the more insane the better, in just about every game system I've played.  With Warmachine I've always been drawn to the Protectorate of Menoth due in large part to their combos and fire. 

Anyway, on to the list.  This Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters extravaganza is, as you will see, built around the Culexus assassin.  No, you don't need to get your vision checked, you read that correctly, this list is assassin-centric.  It's not meant to be a top-tier tournament list, but I think it could hold its own in a pickup game.  If nothing else, you'd get a few laughs out of it.  Deal with it.  I'll explain everything after the list.  Now here is "Psych!":

Inquisitor Lord CCW bolt pistol; holocaust; psychic hood; emperor's tarot 102

~inquisitor's retinue 2x mystic; familiar; 18

Primaris Psyker 70

Psyker battle squad Overseer;9 battle psykers; 110

~Chimera Hull Heavy Flamer 55

Psyker battle squad Overseer;9 battle psykers; 110
~Chimera Hull Heavy Flamer 55

Culexus assassin 105

CCS Autocannon 40

~Chimera Hull Heavy Flamer 55

Infantry Squad Autocannon; Grenade Launcher 65

Infantry Squad Autocannon; Grenade Launcher 65

Infantry Squad Autocannon; Grenade Launcher 65
~Commissar 35

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers x5 2x melta gun 70

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers x5 2x melta gun 70

Veteran Squad 3x melta gun 100
~Chimera Hull Heavy Flamer 55

Veteran Squad 3x melta gun 100
~Chimera Hull Heavy Flamer 55

Fast Attack
Vendetta Hull Heavy Bolters 140

Vendetta Hull Heavy Bolters 140

Heavy Support
Manticore hull heavy flamer 160

Manticore hull heavy flamer 160

Points Total: 2,000
 9 Vehicles
10 Melta Guns
4 autocannons
20 Psykers

The last part is the important one.  With 20 Psykers within 12" of your Culexus assassin, his gun becomes S5 AP1 Assault 22!!!!!  Look out MEQs, terminators, AV10/11 vehicles, and psykers.  Infantry in your way?  Blow them off the table with your animus speculum.  Yes it's insane, no it probably won't ever totally work, yes it's overkill, and yes it is the most awesome trick ever.  Here is the major problem.  To make maximum use of the culexus, all of your psykers need to be within 12" of the assassin, but no closer than 6.0000000001" as they'll have to take a leadership test on a 7 to avoid running away, although I don't believe you'd need to do this if in a transport.  as all of your psykers are in 4 units and have a chimera (Inquisitor steals the CCS chimera) this won't be a problem.  The assassin, will also need to be deployed carefully to ensure he lives to shoot.  Deploying him between a wedge of chimerae would probably be the best way to keep him alive.  If you're not going first, don't let anybody draw LOS to him.  Well at least it's cheaper and blastier than a Leman Russ Punisher.

Since he's fragile, there has to be a contingency plan for if/when the assassin dies.  This was my problem with the previous list.  It didn't have much staying power.  I fixed that to some extent and there are plenty of dirty tricks.  Try nightshroud on your blob squad.  Now weaken resolve on anybody likely to shoot at the blob squad.  Now cause 25% casualties and or hit the weaken resolved squad, now cowering in fear, with a storm eagle rocket and watch them break or get pinned.  Add in 4 mobile scoring units with meltas and a solid tarpit that can deal with light vehicles as well as a pair of the ever useful Vendetta and you can deal with pretty much any threat out there.  I wanted to add in some heavy weapons squads, but that Culexus is expensive, yo.
So let's here from you guys.  Any crazy lists you've cooked up, but never had the balls to field?  Ridiculous combos?  I want to know.

*ok so those are both tournament proven decks that I didn't create myself, but I did make a deck based on Tombstone Stairwell (a seemingly useless card that creates zombies tokens).  The idea was to use a card (forgot name) to edit Stairwell so that it produces Elf tokens.  Then using various elf cards you can do insane things like gain life every time an elf is in play, get G for every elf in play or get +1/+1 for every elf in play.  Add in a card (whose name I can't remember ...doubling stone?) that doubles the number of tokens generated and you have some seriously hard to keep track of shit.  I once cleared 300 life with that deck.


Brent said...


I'm not even sure what to say...

Chumbalaya said...

I'd say loltastic, that's what it is.

As for any army that's wacky fun but not all there competitively, how about Orks and Daemons :P

<3 Brent

SandWyrm said...

Man, that combo is so April of last year. :P

Anonymous said...

Definitely loltastic!

I'd be interested to hear about you Warmachine musings Deth and you Protectorate Boner City!

DFM said...

brent you boner, what you say is "Take the fucking tank you git, instead of spending 1/3 of your army on ap1. Sometimes, Maybe, if he's not fucking shot to shit before he even gets to fire".

there, that about sums it up. :D

Tinkling Koala said...

I've been screwing around with that same combo for a while now too. I'd use a Witch Hunters Inquisitor Lord though with Divine Pronouncement.The trick is that you can back off from your Culexus if you need to and force a Ld4 Morale test.

Add in Weaken Resolve and more pinning weapons and you've got a recipe for silliness. If your opponent is fearless then just blow them away with the Animus Speculum.

The_King_Elessar said...

I'd be entertained by seeing this least for real.

Tinkling Koala said...

Also, I'm pretty sure you can pull shenanigans with a Lord Commissar or Yarrick to prevent your own Psykers from suffering decreased Leadership.

That or keep your Psykers in their Chimera. Good times, since they won't flee as long as they're in it.