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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Mayhem- Swing and a Miss

Those of you foolishly loyally following this blog will recall that I started project mayhem last week and asked you all to submit applications to BoLS to be a new writer.  The goal was for participants to be complete bastards, posing as somebody already on staff or anything else devious you could think of. 
Sadly, I was much too late getting my own post out there, and shortly after I gave out the homework assignment the applications process was shut down.  While I doubt that I had anything to do with I will boldly and pompously claim now that I shut down BoLS and I created the Internet.  Plus, the leafblower was my idea.

All is not lost, though.  We here at Dick Move like to reward those who show initiative.  You probably read my "The Tau of Sucking" article last week.  What you may not know is that Messanger of Death, in addition to spelling his own name wrong, pulled a real dick move and went into the thread and linked back to my own article.  As far as I'm aware, this is a first- somebody I've completely bashed (other than Rikimaru) reading something I've written.  Kirby was also involved a little bit as well, but only managed to provide links to his own site once- what kind of shameless self promotion is that, Kirby?  TKE got some good swings in as well, and eventually a MOD had to come in and threaten to close down operations if people didn't act civilly.  I'm a little pissed that focusedfire (the spreader of bad advice) didn't get more upset, but it was still a pretty amusing time.  The funniest part is where he claims that Messanger, Kirby, and I are all the same person and Kirby is running Dick Move.  Everybody with half a brain knows that Kirby works for GW, Dethtron is a sentient robot sent from the future to save humanity from itself, and Messanger of Death has come from the heavens to warn us all about the coming apocalypse. 

Messanger, you are the hero of Project Mayhem this week.  Nice job striking out to create a little havoc on your own.  I'll try to get a new homework assignment for you guys soon, and this time I'll even attempt to make it one that you can complete.  Until then, here is the DakkaDakka thread for you to read.


Brent said...

Gratz Messanger!

Chumbalaya said...


The_King_Elessar said...

Heheheh. I'm totally gunning for this prize. Can I have it next week for getting a YTTH thread dedicated to my brilliance? I vote YES.

Well done MoD. :D

Kirby said...

I will one day win something on DM if only the balance wasn't rigged against me!

Messanger of Death said...

@ Dethtron - I'm honoured

@ everybody else - suckers :P