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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 18 Results Show

The polls are closed, we've had our laughs for the week and it looks like moral justice has prevailed in Dick Move land.  Our guest author, Lauby, really brought the pain last week and put the hurt on some fools.  Even better, he picked out a fight where one of the most notorious dickheads in the entire Internet gaming community was clearly in the right and not being a huge asshole most of the time.  GWAR!, in fact, managed to bring in 12% of the 65 votes last week.  The real winner of the fight, though, was "I think GWAR! won, but for moral reasons I can't vote for him so I clicked here instead" with 47% of the vote.  So GWAR! both won and didn't win- it's like a quantum state of craziness up in here today.  "Screw the fight and bring back that taco bell chick" also made a pretty good run for the border with 24% of the vote.  She was pretty hawt.  Nobody else came anywhere close, but you guys did start giving random votes for people who were clearly in the wrong again, so good job.  Thanks again to Lauby for dishing it out last week, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

1 comment:

Brent said...

I agree.

It could almost have been written by you, Dethtron, except for the obvious civility and manners that still somehow managed to shine through.