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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 13

Time for lucky number round 13. I broke my several week long promise not to comment on BoLS if it could be avoided. What followed reaffirms my belief that not commenting is probably the way to go.

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 12 Results Show

Another fight gone and another soon to come. This time around short, sweet, and sarcastic wins the day as Veteran Animal pulls out the win with 55% of the 38 votes. Tied for second we have NERDS!!!!! and "whoever wins, society loses" with 15% of the vote each. Thanks to everyone who voted and keep watching for round 13 later today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Split Deployment: The Art of Throwing Half Your Army Away

I stumbled upon a post entitled "Split Deployment- the art of firepower" on Librarium last month. A lot of people have thrown a lot of praise at this article about splitting your force into two completely independent flanks. It's not entirely without merit and it took me a while to figure out exactly what didn't sit right with me about it. That being said, you wanna know the fucked up part? The "tactica" was written in 2007 for a different edition of the game and people are still sycophantically sucking off the guy who wrote it. This may have worked really well in 4th edition, but I really think that this is horribly inefficient for 5th. Hell if you didn't have an army that could assault, I'm pretty sure you'd have to do something like this to not get run into the ground in 4th. So in a rare move on my part there is no (or at least less than usual) offense intended for the original poster. This rant is directed at the yes men that still think this is valid advice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Business 101 or the Whiteness of the Whale

In my recent quasi-Internet fight post "Warfare on the High Accountanseas," which dealt with the the incoming price increase from GW I may have taken some things for granted in my readership.

Answering some basic Elysian questions

Yesterday I posted my new Elysian list. A few of you had some comments that I wanted to get to, but felt like the responses would be a little longer than I could throw into the comments section.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Elysian Airborne Guard

Finally got my grubby hands on Imperial Armour 8. Missing rules and the usual typos aside, it's given me the impetus to finish my Elysian force that I've been working on for nearly a year.

Obama 2012

Now that I have your attention, BoLS just opened up the Blood Angels painting challenge on their site.  Lauby has an entry that is currently trending pretty well in the polls with his Baal Predator (look left [then look right then look left again; it's now safe to cross the street]).  Make sure you head over there and vote for him.  His Baals are always smooth.  But seriously, the paintjob on his entry makes me feel bad about my own meagre abilities.  Compare your life to his and kill yourself.

The entry is under his real name, John Laubersheimer.  Now whether you remeber that as John Lubricator or Lauberbommer or Lauberscheimer or Labrador or Rock Laubster doesn't really matter.  Just remember that his name is the longest one in the poll.

Good Luck Lauby.

The above image was taken by and from John L.  or J. Laubersheimer and used without permission.  If he has a problem with me promoting his work, he can fuck off.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks!

I'll bet that looking at the title when it came up on your blog roll, you thought that this was going to be about a Blood Angels jump pack army, right....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 12

Is fluff on fluff violence really a crime?

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 11 Results Show

A little better turnout this week for the fight with 38 total votes. Nice job everybody. I also feel like the fact that none of the fight participants came close to winning as a sign that we are definitely back on track :)

We had a near tie with "there is no winner, only Zuul" capturing 28% of the vote and "pillow fight" capturing 26%. The only fight participant to come close was Linoosthelost with 21% for being concise and sarcastic.

As you may have figured out the pictures in my posts often have a hidden secret meaning. For last week's fight that was one of the first pics to come up when I punched "model fight" into google image search- because it was a fight over modeling, get it. Also, it's quite possibly the gayest thing I've ever seen and that's coming from somebody who's seen most of Greg Araki's movies...
In other news, I think I just figured out how to drive site traffic. More on this in this week's FNIF. Peace.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey Dethtron- I thought you were on your awesome 1 week summer break and were going to be blogging every day, where the fuck were you yesterday?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warhammervierziegtausendnovelle: jetzt noch mehr Mathe!

Every now and then I come across something that completely blows my tiny little mind. I don't mean this in a positive way either; what fun would that be?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super 100th Post Spectacular!

It's been a fun ride so far folks. I've gotten the opportunity to get a lot off of my chest these last few months. I've also gotten to meet some new people, make a few enemies (or people who just don't get it), and pretty consistently make an ass out of myself.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Retail Failures

Looks like I can now add Warhammer World to the list of GW stores/events that have personally pissed me off.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Warfare on the High Accountanseas

At long last, I bring to you the other post that nearly became last last week's Internet fight. It's especially funny to me, since I just wrapped up my Managerial accounting class last week. Quite timely, indeed. You may not find this anywhere near as funny as I do, but I really don't care, this is my Blog. It's about me me me me me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, This One Goes to Round 11

There was a thread on Dakka that I really wanted to use this week, as it relates to my academic life, but it wasn't fighty enough. Don't worry, though, that thread will show it's face here this weekend or early next week.

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 10 Results Show

Another Friday has come and gone and with it another internet fight.  This time it was between Games Workshop and Curse.com, owners of the Warhammer Alliance forum.  You guys have made your opinion heard with the biggest landslide victory I can remember to date.  58% of you voted that GW should sue the shit out of anybody who is violating the terms of fair use of their IP.  That's a pretty overwhelming majority by Dick Move standards. It was actually kind of underwhelming, though, since only 24 of you decided to vote.  Don't forget that there is a poll at the upper right hand side of this blog EVERY week.  Better luck next time lads....

Where's the Hydra?

I had intended to post about this several days ago, but my dog and finals thwarted all of my attempts to blog.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not enough time yesterday or today to work up a real article. The short version of the story is that I spent almost 4 hours at the vet yesterday to get xrays for a leg issue my dog (Loki) has been having. the good news is he doesn't have a break, bone tumors, or a sprain. The bad news is they think it may be a ligament tear- like an ACL-type injury. Now it's time to catch up on my homework to turn in at my Managerial accounting final tomorrow.

I'll leave you with something, though..... In honor of Loki, here is one of his favorite bands: Heartbreak. I have seen this band described by critics as gay Italian Goth Disco. As near as I can tell, all of those things are quite true. According to their lastFM page they "create a hybrid that will make the world dance with tears in their eyes, like bi-polar maniacs in the brink of an ecstatic panic attack!" Possibly the best description ever. So if you like intelligent dance music (but not IDM), track suits, and sleazy mustaches, you'll enjoy heartbreak. Their debut album, "Lies," was released in 2008 and generated some buzz on the NME scene. Hopefully they will be working on another album soon.

Want some videos? Here you go:

Monday, May 10, 2010

40K for the New Professional

Another Monday is here, so it's time for me to share something positive- something that does not make me want to fling my feces at onlookers- with you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burn in Hell You Racist Piece of Shit!!!!!!!

If you have the rare and amazing pleasure of knowing me in real life, you know that there isn't really much of anything that I believe in. If you don't know me, well, now you know. For better or worse, I honestly don't really give a shit. One of the (admittedly few) positive side effects of this is that it takes a lot to get me really mad.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mathlete of the Week

There is no sarcasm in this week's Mathlete post*. Whoever created the tool I am about to reveal to you has my utmost respect.

Earlier in the week, Brother Loring shot me an e-mail with a link to the "Heresy Combat Calculator" from Heresy online. Here's what Loring had to say about it:

Came across this little gem and thought you may have some nice words to say about it.

Math-hammer at it's finest.


To which I replied: "That is awesome! Completely pointless, but awesome."

The fact of the matter is that this may be useful to those of you who aren't so great at math. Remember how I have previously extolled the virtues of having a rudimentary understanding of probability to help improve your game? Well now with this, you don't have to any more. It will figure out the probabilities for you. The funny thing about this is that it probably took whoever created this about 50 times longer to make the spreadsheet for this than it would have for him to calculate all the stats he will ever need to play. I have to respect the kind of insanity necessary to make this program.

While I haven't gotten a full chance to put the application through its paces, I ran a few basic scenarios through it and it came out with correct answers, so I will prematurely give it my stamp of approval and move on with life, throwing the scientific method and caution to the wind.

*This is not legally binding. There is, in fact, in all likelihood a metric fuck-ton of Sarcasm here, although the author of this blog has set out with the intention of proving that the actual mathlete named herein is actually a rad individual, deserving of this high honor unlike previous mathletes who were tards.

Friday, May 7, 2010

FNIF, Round 10 update

After I had stopped researching the Warhammer Alliance situation, they put up a thread in their forum pertaining to the matter of the lawsuit and it has a link to the full complaint letter.  I would advise against reading the user comments, though, as I think they're even worse than the BoLS ones.   Check it out up in here.  So once you read the whole thing, you start to see how valid the suit actually is, as - much as I would have predicted, Warhammer alliance is making revenue off of a GW trademark.  So, fuck those guys...

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 10- GW vs. the World

Remember all those months back when GW sent out all of those cease and desist letters? Remember how everyone got their panties in a knot over GW threatening the possibility of possible legal action in the possible future? Do you also remember how GW has the right and obligation to protect its intellectual property? Well it looks as though they are finally flexing some real legal muscle in that arena as they have officially brought suit against Curse.com and its respective owners over violation of copyright.

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 9 Results Show

Well, it looks as though RAI has won out this week in the great Baal debate. 51% of you believe that it does, in fact, have a blast template, in spite of not having any reference to said blast template in the codex. I can't totally blame you guys, since this happened with Codex: Space Marines already, but from a pure RAW standpoint, it certainly doesn't have a template. ...and for those of you (34%) who didn't have the Baals to vote for anything and are waiting for a FAQ- I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. "It is better to believe in something, even if it's wrong, than to live your life without convictions" -Gandhi*

I must say, though, the most surprising result is that only 11% of you guys voted for Matt Ward's sloppy writing or cut/pasting. Well one day lax editing standards will get what they deserve.
*Totally made that quote up, but you can put it on your Facebook page when you're trying to sound deep.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm not dead....

...nor have I run out of ideas for posts. What I haven't had is time. Had a pretty shitty week, getting shit on by a group project for Marketing (surprise surprise) and dealing with any number of other things as well. I need to get caught up on some work for Accounting today, so I probably won't have time to post anything today- or if I do it'll be after class this evening. Fear not, though, I should have time to get caught up a bit on my blogging. I've got several half finished, but top notch, things in the pipeline that I should be able to polish up for the weekend and going into next week.

I've gotten a slightly heavier influx of e-mails in this week, so thanks to everyone who's sent something in. Keep the bullshit coming.

Last, in slightly sad news, it looks like the band I have been part of for about the last four years if finally throwing in the towel. Not exciting, but probably about time for this to happen. Anyways, it'll give me more time to focus on my metal band (hitting the studio by this fall, hopefully) and try to get another semi-electronic project I've had kicking around for a while off the ground. If you're in the Chicago area we are planning a farewell show for later this summer with the Nekromantix. Word on the street is we will be getting 2 sets that night on each of the venue that we're working with's stages, to give ourselves a proper sendoff.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New M.I.A.

A new M.I.A track "Born Free" from a new album due out later this year hit the interwebs last week. If this is any indication of how the rest of the album is going to be, I'm pumped. I had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with her last album, so it'll be nice to see if she can pull it together on the new effort. Seriously though, that Jimmy song is possibly one of the biggest pieces of crap ever written. If I wanted to listen to something that sounds like bollywood tunes, I'd just go listen to some bollywood tunes. The new song, however, is super awesome and crunchy. Lots of distortion for the win. Reminds me a little bit of a few songs off of Bjork's last album, where she used the reactable synth.

When I went to show Dr. Girlfriend the new M.I.A. video on youtube, the following conversation occurred:
Deth: Have you heard the new M.I.A. track yet? It's totally boss.

Dr.: Haven't heard it yet, but you know I don't like her child voice. Super annoying to listen to, like Gabby Lala.

Deth: But I think you'd like this, it sounds a lot like old suicide.

Dr.: I have no idea who that is...

Deth: remember, they're that electronic group from the late 70s that I'm obsessed with. They did that "Ghost Rider" song......grabs a Suicide album and proceeds to play ghost rider

Dr: Oh yeah, I like that song, let's hear the new M.I.A. then.

Deth: Queues up the new song Holy shit, I just realized that's a sample of "Ghost Rider." That's like the whole fucking song. This is awesome.

Now here is "Ghost Rider" by Suicide, for your additional listening pleasure.

Goatboy on balancing your army

Well, it's Monday again and that means I have to be positive. Luckily Goatboy from BoLS has given me something to live for*. If you haven't read it yet, he put up a pretty solid article on why spamming** units is a perfectly sensible thing to do. I'm not sure if that was actually his intent, but there's some really good food for thought in there. Don't believe me, go read it. I think his deliberately unfocused list provides a lot of support as to why spamming is not the end of the world, even if he does provide valid justification for all of the choices in his force and can cover multiple rolls across different parts of his army. Just because his choices can cover multiple roles, doesn't mean that it is as efficient as a list comprised of several of the same/similar choices. For his fire support, for example, I think he could stand to expand the theme of combat squading with razorbacks to get long ranged support. But then again, that would defeat the purpose of his post...

One thing that I really like about his post, was that he was able to work in some pretty choice self-deprecating humor. I liked that he took some shots at his recent detractors. If you want to put goat in the name of every army you make, I say go for it!

But anyways, you should go read the article. If you're into staying happy, though, don't read the comments. I think Dingareth go a few good (IE, not retarded) knocks in early on, but the rest of the comments thread has pretty much degenerated into a puddle of pure piss (alliteration win!).


*so I will hold off on taking out my entire marketing project group, saving 1 bullet for myself :)... for now.

**I don't know why, but that term bugs the shit out of me...

Lauby's Blood Angels vs. my IG

This weekend has been absolute hell. I'm working on a group project for Marketing which means- you guessed it- I wound up doing most of the work. I just waited most of the day for one of my group members to turn in her portion of our paper only to basically have to rewrite everything that she sent me, because it was god awful. Here's all that I learned from this experience: group work still sucks and Febuuary is not a month*. In other "fuck my life news" I also managed to crack a cymbal in practice on saturday. In damn near 20 years of playing drums, that's only the second time that has ever happened...

But anyways, Thursday night I got a chance to nearly have my ass handed to me in the most painfully slow game I think I've played in quite some time. I squeaked out a kill point victory against impossible odds when the game ended on turn 5, right before I would have most likely been tabled. Yay random game length. Anyways, you can check out a battle report I wrote up for it over here.

*The first time I came across this in my editing, I thought that my group member had made a simple typo. By the 3rd and 4th instance, I was considerably less sure that this was, in fact, a typo.