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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm not dead....

...nor have I run out of ideas for posts. What I haven't had is time. Had a pretty shitty week, getting shit on by a group project for Marketing (surprise surprise) and dealing with any number of other things as well. I need to get caught up on some work for Accounting today, so I probably won't have time to post anything today- or if I do it'll be after class this evening. Fear not, though, I should have time to get caught up a bit on my blogging. I've got several half finished, but top notch, things in the pipeline that I should be able to polish up for the weekend and going into next week.

I've gotten a slightly heavier influx of e-mails in this week, so thanks to everyone who's sent something in. Keep the bullshit coming.

Last, in slightly sad news, it looks like the band I have been part of for about the last four years if finally throwing in the towel. Not exciting, but probably about time for this to happen. Anyways, it'll give me more time to focus on my metal band (hitting the studio by this fall, hopefully) and try to get another semi-electronic project I've had kicking around for a while off the ground. If you're in the Chicago area we are planning a farewell show for later this summer with the Nekromantix. Word on the street is we will be getting 2 sets that night on each of the venue that we're working with's stages, to give ourselves a proper sendoff.

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Anonymous said...

Group projects suck... The school dynamic is completely and totally NOT like the real world.