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Friday, May 14, 2010

Where's the Hydra?

I had intended to post about this several days ago, but my dog and finals thwarted all of my attempts to blog.
I'm home from my accounting final (which was a joke...who the hell gives you all of the exam questions with answers as a "study guide"...better yet, who complains that said test is hard- answer: the rest of my moronic class, apparently) and I have decompressed sufficiently by programming beats. Now I've got nothing to do until my summer semester starts in two weeks, well other than job hunting and some random housework....

But enough of my rambling, I am super incredibly beyond pissed about the state of the new Manticore/Deathstrike kit that's coming in June. I'll preface this by saying that I agree with most of the business decisions that GW has made in recent history and think that with a few exceptions (Minotaurs and that beastmen warthog thing with the bug-eyes) they have been putting out phenomenal model kits lately. GW has never had better rules or released better minis. Which is why I am disappointed to see another slide back into totally 90s design*. No idea what I'm talking about? Well first take a look at the new Manticore. Now peep this super shitty, nearly identical manticore from Epic 40k

Really boring and shitty looking, don't you agree?

General shittiness aside, here is my huge gripe about the new kit: no fucking hydra. Had the designers stuck to a design in the vein of the Forgeworld Manticore kit, it could have been packed with bits for the Hydra, since they have the same turret. All you need to do is swap out big missiles for big autocannons. I would have promptly gone out and bought 7 of them (no lie...). But alas, they have made a crap model and packed it with another crap unit (that also happens to look like shit): the deathstrike. Lame lame lame. At this point, I'm so put off by the looks of the kit that I may just buy another FW Manticore to go with the one I already have instead of buying two new ones as I had planned on doing.
Happy note- the new Leman Russ kit is pretty kick ass. I have all of the main battle tanks I am likely to ever need (11 to be exact), but I'm pretty stoked about making a pair of eradicators. Too bad the rest of the variants in the kit are shit tanks....


*see also Codex Blood Angels cover and the WFB Rockethammer Cover/Melodic Power Metal album cover


Brother Loring said...

Why is the Lion wearing a mirkin??

I don't mind the kit to be honest. The deathstrike is pretty terrible, but Manticore isn't so bad.

I agree with you on the hydra point!

Mercer said...

I don't think either are too bad tbh. Though lack of Hydra is uncalled for. Is that the only one missing a model now?

Chumbalaya said...

I'm getting 3 Deathstrikes to build my supervillain-themed IG army.

No Hydras is fucktarded though.

Dethtron said...

well you guys are all entitled to your wrong opinions about the manticore looking like shit.

@Mercer: There will still be the Medusa and Collossus artillery pieces yet to come out. Medusa is great, but Collossus is a piece of crap tank. I saw CAD for the Medusa in August last year at Games day here in Chicago errr Rosemont, but the kit has still yet to surface. Now would have been a great time for that to be released. After that almost all of the IG range will be available, although Psyker battle squads, rough riders, and priests are all special order and due for a re-release some day. They could also stand to re-do the stormtroopers (looking for that to come out with some Inquisition stuff maybe...) and add a veteran kit (upgrades perhaps) and/or penile legions some day.

@Chumbalaya: that's a great idea... I actually built a piece of terrain (with working spinning LED lights no less) dubbed the Annihilatrix to be used in an apocalypse game not too long ago for my chaos opponents to use. it was fun, except for the fact that it fizzled out on the first turn, so we had to call a mulligan.

Chumbalaya said...

Dethtron for president!

He kept us out of war


I haven't yet decided on the overall theme, but I have it narrowed down to:
1) The Mighty Monarch of Venture Bros. fame. complete with butterfly insignias and hordes of useless minions.
2) Dr. Evil themed with lots of frickin' laser beams (HWS = lascannon with shark fins modeled underwater)
3) Cuban Missile Crisis featuring 3 ginormous Deathstrikes and a bunch of dudes in flowery havana shirts and Fidelus Castrus running the show

I've already got the scenic base picked out, a giant volcano lair (full of boiling hot mag-ma)

Damon said...

Nah, Deathtron gave you the ultimate theme: The Annhilatrix!

Frisky Dingo FTW!

And Killface for President!

Wendell down!

Brother Loring said...

Nobody has answered my question.

Why on this Earth is that lion wearing a bloody mirkin?

Dethtron said...

@Loring: not too sure myself, frankly the whole thing reeks of "furry" so I'm creeped out enough without thinking about mirkins...

The_King_Elessar said...


I love the old design. Frankly, had it been the horribad FW design, I wouldn't have bought any. As it is, I stand to but at least 6.

Horses for courses, etc. No Hydra is, ofc, a shame. Not as big a shame as no new Jetbike, but whatevs.

DFM said...

Isn't it merkin and not mirkin?