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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not enough time yesterday or today to work up a real article. The short version of the story is that I spent almost 4 hours at the vet yesterday to get xrays for a leg issue my dog (Loki) has been having. the good news is he doesn't have a break, bone tumors, or a sprain. The bad news is they think it may be a ligament tear- like an ACL-type injury. Now it's time to catch up on my homework to turn in at my Managerial accounting final tomorrow.

I'll leave you with something, though..... In honor of Loki, here is one of his favorite bands: Heartbreak. I have seen this band described by critics as gay Italian Goth Disco. As near as I can tell, all of those things are quite true. According to their lastFM page they "create a hybrid that will make the world dance with tears in their eyes, like bi-polar maniacs in the brink of an ecstatic panic attack!" Possibly the best description ever. So if you like intelligent dance music (but not IDM), track suits, and sleazy mustaches, you'll enjoy heartbreak. Their debut album, "Lies," was released in 2008 and generated some buzz on the NME scene. Hopefully they will be working on another album soon.

Want some videos? Here you go:


Chumbalaya said...

ACL tears suck.

Lauby said...

you what doesn't suck - Heartbreak.

Looks like I've got another album to buy.

Damn you Dethtron! Stop exploiting my love of robots!

Dethtron said...

maybe now I'll have to find some songs about dinosaurs for you lauby...

Anonymous said...

This band sounds like Daft Punk and Justice gang banged Beth Ditto and gave birth to a broken Casio keyboard.