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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burn in Hell You Racist Piece of Shit!!!!!!!

If you have the rare and amazing pleasure of knowing me in real life, you know that there isn't really much of anything that I believe in. If you don't know me, well, now you know. For better or worse, I honestly don't really give a shit. One of the (admittedly few) positive side effects of this is that it takes a lot to get me really mad.
There are, however, two topics that are absolutely guaranteed to raise the bile to the back of my throat:

  1. Racial Discrimination
  2. Sexual Discrimination

To put it lightly I am paradoxically prejudiced against people with prejudices. I won't often tell someone that their opinion is wrong, even if I don't agree with it. I promise you, though, that racists, sexists, and those against equal rights for gays are very god damn wrong. Disagree if you want and then kindly fuck off to some other corner of the Internet where you can be a bigot asshole all by yourself.

Popping over for my daily dose of BoLS yesterday, I damn near pissed my pants with joy when I found out that IA8 was finally released. This is quite fortuitous as my pal Hoagy is currently back in the UK visiting his mum and had already been armed with a shopping list of forgeworld goodies for me. It's great, I'm getting the Elysian bits I need to round out my army and a new book with an Elysian list without having to pay shipping back to the states or rely on the Chicago Bunker to fuck up my order- it only took them 5 months for them to get my IA7 in after lying to me for weeks about my order status and then neglecting to inform me when it had arrived. But then I decided to read in the comments to try an figure out how 30 some odd replies had been wracked up in a short time on this topic.

What could possibly be said about a book release other than 'OMG I'm so glad this is finally out, it is teh awesome?' Well apparently if you're Techmahreen you can prove that you're a racist fuck. Finally (as in over 24 hours since the offending post was made) the comment in question has been removed from the site. How it took that long I'll never know. If I included fuck, cunt, shit, ass, Stelek, YTTH, or any number of other fun things that I enjoy saying, the comment wouldn't have gone through at all. Now I'll warn you, if you're actually sensitive about racial slurs, you probably won't want to continue reading this. I won't be using any myself, but I will be quoting one or two. Shame on BoLS for failing to include the N-word on their filter or for approving it in a comment.

As I mentioned, the offending comment(s) have been removed and will now be lost to the ages and a thing of distant memory. Or they would be had I not had the foresight to copy everything over into Word, predicting that the offending material would be quickly removed. As already mentioned, it was removed, but certainly not in a timely fashion. Now the comments you're about to read (snowmobiled lightly for your pleasure) are mostly against the racist asshole in question here. Unfortunately, there are actually a few people who wind up agreeing with him. All of these assholes have officially joined my list of people to be crammed inside the first rocket shot into the sun. So keep reading to find out how a "first" comment on a post about a new book release devolves into a racist festival of hate. The following includes the deleted comments in question and enough context for this all to make sense. There are some additional comments still up pertaining to this that you can see here. You should also note that Techmahreen uses the word "jewtuber" later in the same thread in reply to something else. I did not, unfortunately capture that when I copied the comments section.

This awesome book. ~When you see it you'll know. Pretty funny actually

Lacking ~man, this is a great response. "first" should always be this fun.

techmahreen- The amount of nerd rage generated by those complaining about firsters could probably power a small African country for a year. ~ummm what the fuck are you talking about?

mcnutter- until the government was toppled by one of the generals and then he was assassinated and his mates caused a civil war throwing the place back to the stone age....... pick a country any country. ~wow, you really are a nutter you fucking bigoted piece of shit

techmahreen- I'm partial to Somalia at the moment...

but then we can just say the whole mud-nigger continent if we want. ~and there it is. I can't even begin to comprehend how somebody would think that this was an ok thing to say. I am truly appalled.

Mcnutter- um.... i was referring to political instability and power interruptions, not race, colour or creed. ~so how come you didn't refer to Greece or California earlier in the decade when Enron was fucking them and their whole power grid? You comment was still not cool and way too easy to take out of the loose context that you intended.This aint the place for that.

thejazzdevil- Do we seriously need to deal with people saying 'mud-nigger'?
Really? Is this ok? ~no it's not, but I can't really figure out why you needed to quote that.

techmahreen- Awww, does baby not like it when the non PC reality of the human condition jump out at him? poor baby... ~You used a racial slur you piece of shit. How does that help show the human condition? All it does is prove that we are surrounded by narrow-minded ass-hole pieces of filth like yourself that are preventing us from moving society forward. If it didn't work out for Michael Richards, then why would it work out for you. The only (and I use this lightly) remotely socially acceptable way to use that word is when it ends in an "A" and the speaker happens to be black. And honestly I'm with Bill Cosby on that one too....  Here's a funny thing about the internet, nobody can tell your skin color, so it's probably best to err on the side of caution and just not use that word.

slovak- You are an imbecile and a coward. ~or just a bigot fuck face

UltramarineFan- I think you'll find he's an imbecile, coward and right. ~well fuck you very much too. We've seen you show up in FNIF before because you're a moron. Well now we can officially say that you are a useless waste of space.

Slovak- I'm not sure what you mean by 'right', so I looked in the dictionary (dictionary.com) to find some definitions. If by right you mean "in accordance with what is good, proper, or just" then no, I don't find that at all.

If by right you mean "correct in judgment, opinion, or action" I don't find that either.

If by right you mean "fitting or appropriate; suitable", "most convenient, desirable, or favorable", "in a satisfactory state; in good order", "sound, sane, or normal", "in good health or spirits", or "socially approved, desirable, or influential" then I don't the poster is right by any of those definitions either.

But then at the bottom of the list of definitions I saw this and found a place where the poster techmahreen is indeed right: "genuine; authentic".

He's a right idiot. ~right you are!


Chumbalaya said...

Wow, that's just fucked up.

I'm with you on your personal hatreds; discrimination by race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation is wrong on so many levels.

Fucking die in a fire you fucking fuck.

DFM said...

personally I think burning is too good for him.

then again, this asshole probably thought he spelled techmarine correctly.

MAS said...

What is interesting about those stupid is where they suddenly pop out... and how fast they find equal narrow-minded dumb-ass.

I thought board games, in particular 40k, is a game where people come together in a "social event" sharing the same interests, having some fun together in their spare time despite of race, sex, creed and whatever difference which makes us individuals.

Those fucking idiots spoil 40k and what it stands for ...
and I would expect that the least thing is that they should be banned from any 40k site / event (if this is ever possible, it seems you can never shut those scum up.)

... so burning is still a viable option.

The_King_Elessar said...

What a cunt.

Mercer said...

I speak to a gay asian lad daily, online, and when I meet him in person I have a good chat. He's a sound fella and I have helped him out come out to his parents about being gay due to sharing my life style and advice with him.

When talking to him nothing enters in my head of why someone would want to attack these people. He is a sound gay and is just normal if you know what I mean. He doesn't carry some infectious disease because he's black or gay and I am not superior to him because I am white.

If anyone took the piss out of him in front of me I would seriously break them.

Though, adding a little bit of humour at least when the day comes for me to come out the closet and tell you guys I'm a gay transvestite who loves dressing up like a sexy woman, I know you'll still love me :) lol.

Anonymous said...

Because, unless you clarify exactly what you object to, you're just saying 'wow, just wow', which is internet-ese for 'I have a blithe objection to this but want to sound snidely removed from this situation and I probably really like Britpop'.

And when I posted that comment, I was genuinely shocked that no one had called out a racist fuck, and wanted to highlight exactly what BOLS moderators were apparently goddamn ignoring. The thread had gone on for a quite a few more entries seemingly unremarked upon.

So yeah, I did use the quote. I can see why you find it suspicious I quoted it but... it was already there. My only thought was that no one noticed it.

I like BOLS. I know I shouldn't but I like its chatty kind of hopeless amiability, the sweet retarded kid of 40K blogging. But that shit should have been locked down and erased and the poster who said that cowardly shit banned for life.

I cannot imagine the world will miss another hyperthyroidal closet racist who lusts after Asian girls while pretending to be John fucking Galt. And you know that's the kind of cunt behind those remarks.

The Jazz Devil

Anonymous said...

Bugger, that could have been better worded but you get the idea.

Jazz Devil

Dethtron said...

Jazz: Kudos to you for sticking it to that asshole. My point was that you could have gotten your point across w/o use of THE word. had you simply said N-word, N-bomb or something similar, you would have conveyed the exact same sentiment and your comment wouldn't have gotten deleted. Keep fighting the good fight, though

Anonymous said...

What an absolute cuntface!

I would happily piss on this guy if he were on fire, purely so I could set alight to him myself.

Once again, plenty of fail from where we expect it the most!

MagicJuggler said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with lusting after an Asian girl if she's cute, smart, fun to be with...oh you mean "just because she's Asian." Right, that's dumb...

Yup, BOLS is lolz.

Hoagy said...

That was pretty damn appalling, and i'm sure will have done some damage to the rep of BoLS even if it was only up for a short time. Not cool at all. I thought I'd heard it all with the Nazi Space Marines, and claims of GW being racist because demonic looking Salamanders are black...but this is definitely blowing that waaaay outta the water. These narrow minded bigots get into fucking everything. I would italicize 'everything', but I can't do it on here. Arse. I will henceforth not ever go onto that website. Balls, or BOLS to them. Fuckers.