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Monday, May 3, 2010

Goatboy on balancing your army

Well, it's Monday again and that means I have to be positive. Luckily Goatboy from BoLS has given me something to live for*. If you haven't read it yet, he put up a pretty solid article on why spamming** units is a perfectly sensible thing to do. I'm not sure if that was actually his intent, but there's some really good food for thought in there. Don't believe me, go read it. I think his deliberately unfocused list provides a lot of support as to why spamming is not the end of the world, even if he does provide valid justification for all of the choices in his force and can cover multiple rolls across different parts of his army. Just because his choices can cover multiple roles, doesn't mean that it is as efficient as a list comprised of several of the same/similar choices. For his fire support, for example, I think he could stand to expand the theme of combat squading with razorbacks to get long ranged support. But then again, that would defeat the purpose of his post...

One thing that I really like about his post, was that he was able to work in some pretty choice self-deprecating humor. I liked that he took some shots at his recent detractors. If you want to put goat in the name of every army you make, I say go for it!

But anyways, you should go read the article. If you're into staying happy, though, don't read the comments. I think Dingareth go a few good (IE, not retarded) knocks in early on, but the rest of the comments thread has pretty much degenerated into a puddle of pure piss (alliteration win!).


*so I will hold off on taking out my entire marketing project group, saving 1 bullet for myself :)... for now.

**I don't know why, but that term bugs the shit out of me...

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