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Friday, October 8, 2010

Steppin' out with dethtron

Commence speculation

-- Sent from my Palm Pre


Lauby said...

does it involve three months salary?

Or international espionage?

Or is it birfday related?

fester said...

The name is Tron, Deth Tron.
Double-O Asshole.

He likes his martinis snowmobiled, not stirred

Messanger of Death said...

Is someone sucking their gut in :P


Brent said...

MoD... can you see me through the computer? How did you know?

Okay - what am I doing now?


DFM said...

Dentist Visit.

Messanger of Death said...

I see everything. I am omnipresent. And let me tell you it sucks balls... some things should never be seen.


Hoagy said...

Some kind of birthday related shit, as it was today...



Loquacious said...

Dudes in suits=sexy!

Dethtron said...

....and you're all wrong. Well except maybe Loquacious, given that I am a bit sexxxy in a tux.

but alas, the truth is that dr. Girlfriend's hospital held their annual fundraiser gala on Friday. It was sort of boring except for the part where the cab we called showed up 2 hours late to take us downtown, their dispatcher lied to me about the cab's whereabouts twice, and then I cussed out the cab driver when he finally showed up at my house and called me AFTER I was almost done driving myself to the event. Needless to say, my ability to partake in the evenings free cocktails et vino was severely hampered.

Also, as others have alluded to, I am now old. Fuck