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Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Cocktails and Gaming

One of the many reasons I like playing at home would have to be the booze.  Usually when we get a game together at my house somebody brings some beer with them.  Now I'm not saying I have to have a drink to have a good time, but if you're going to get a relaxing game in, why not do it up right?  In reality I only really drink beer when gaming or playing gigs these days.  Too many calories in beer that actually has taste.  The rest of my casual drinking involves whiskey these days.  Hell I rcently decided that scotch plus ice cubes qualifies as a mixed drink.

This is neither here nor there, however.  In trolling the blogosphere looking for ways to not study for tomorrow's FIN 408 exam, I ran across a HoP related post and almost crapped myself.  Over on Crew Shaken, Not stirred, DaveHowitzer, the author was so tickled by being included in HoP's weekly top X list that he made up some cocktails dedicated to Lauby and Brent.  Now we're not doing the whole HoP thing for Internet fame, but I see this as a positive sign that we're helping to empower gamers and bloggers and perhaps inspire people to new heights of insanity.  This has gotten me thinking about what would be in a Dethtron themed cocktail.  Hopefully it involves raw egg. 

Anyway, that's it for today.  I should probably start studying a little bit.  If you're reading this and still haven't friended, followed, or joined the HoP blog network, make sure you do so today.  I'm sure there are still a few of you readers out there that need to check it out.


DaveHowitzer said...

Give me 12 hours Dethtron...don't you wory, I haven't forgotten about you. And now that you mention it yes, it does involve raw egg.

Glad I'm messing up your pants anyhoo ;)

Which reminds me, do I submit an article to you or Lauby?

Lauby said...

I'm sure that dave's suggestion will be way better, but here's my attempt:

crack one egg into a shot glass. Poor your self a pint glass of scotch. Drop the egg shot into the glass and then chug.

also, Dave submit articles to houseofpaincakes.info@gmail.com. Hopefully I didn't step on Sir Tron's toes there.

Kirby said...

Do I get one :P?

PINK! lol

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

Perhaps Dethtron's drink should involve hot sauce of some kind.. the red that comes and kicks face.

DaveHowitzer said...

Dethtron's drink is now available at CSNS

Brent said...

I think he's started something; I had to promise my wife I'd buy the ingredients for a a Strictly Average Mai Thai.

Naturally it'll go on the blog when I've made it!