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Friday, October 8, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary: Engine Face Drums

Hoagy was kind enough to record some video of me playing, with me only being partially aware of it.  So here is, I think*, part of my first pass at Engine Face, the song I posted last night.  My favorite part is when I clearly go into the chorus a phrase early and am visibly pissed at myself.  Thanks for recording me playing like shit Hoagy :)

*It must have been pretty early, since I still had my glasses on.  I usually ditch those as soon as I start to get sweaty.  I'm pretty new to the glasses thing- anybody have a way to prevent them from fogging up?


Messanger of Death said...

Get Hermione as a friend... she has that spell.


Dan said...

contact lenses. Problem solved.

Hoagy said...


Bollocks mate, even when you are 'playing like shit' it still sounds awesome. Wanker :)

Your ass-umption was correct - Engineface. Has anyone even picked up on that yet?


Dethtron said...

LOl, yes I know what song it is Hoags, I just wasn't 100% sure if this was my first take. In hindsight, though I'm pretty sure it was my first pass. Meaning this was the first bit of real recording for the session.