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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary: Day 2 Sneak Peaks

Finished up the second day of recording a few hours ago and after taking time to decompress a bit, sat down to twiddling my knobs, as Hoagy would say.  By which I mean I started on a rough rough rough mix of adding synth to live elements to make sure everything jives. It's sounding good so far.  It'll be even better when I export everything for our producer to tweak (Dan from 88 Fingers Louie), but you can get the basic idea here. 

We finished up 1 (of 2) guitars today and all the bass parts.  I think we're a little behind schedule for tomorrow, so looks like we're going to be over budget shortly.  1 guitar and Hoagy's vox are set to begin tomorrow morning.  Hopefully we can knock out all the recording tomorrow, but I have my doubts that we'll get any final mixing done.  Who knows though, we might have some "1 take wonder" tracks for tomorrow.

This is what the guitar and drums sound like for the still as yet un-named song about vikings.  As with yesterday, there is pretty much no mixing or studio magic involved in this yet- I'm just showing you all the process as it progresses.

Viking ROUGH by dethtron

Here we get on to an extremely rough edit with adding the synths in to what you heard above for the first time.  I left the levels where I had them while I was still writing, so the synths and such are still at a much higher volume than the will be in the final mix- well except those chimes, those may get louder.  Also upon hearing this again, I think I forgot to mute the synth bass, but it's no biggie since I didn't have time to grab a wav of the live bass for his anyway- which is a shame, because Ian blew us all away with his playing today.  I promise this won't be one of those bassless metal albums you're used to.

Viking song first rough draft w synth unmixed by dethtron


Brent said...

DT: I don't know what to say - I really don't. I'm listening to the rough of Viking as I'm typing this and the rough just doesn't sound that rough.

It's polished, professional, and metal.

Very cool - Brent

Loquacious said...

I wish I was not married, with kids, a job and all that crap. 'Cause I'd totally be a groupie and follow you guys around in a more than vaguely stalkery way in order to hear that daily.

Archnomad said...

I honestly prefer it without the synth. Maybe the synths are a bit loud but they're taking over the song in my opinion, and it sounded a lot better without.

Just my opinion though! Music's very much in the ear of the... erm. Listener.